From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Happiness is like a bunch of puppies running after you , yelping and kissing your face...
These are the puppies of my Golden Retriever Betty-Boo and my Brown Boxer Ninja...
Yup I know what you are thinking...
How on earth...
Well what can I say, they were both in love with one another and thanks to them , I have my little Taz , who is anything but little ...
So yup, Happiness comes in different forms and ways and through various means...
All we have to do is stay open and we will receive , all the happiness that is rightly ours...

So what does being happy really mean...
Does it mean no worries , no cares..
That your heart is aglow with love and more..
Or does it mean that you are not letting sadness touch you anywhere...

We all interpret happiness in different ways..
To some it's an elusive job..
To some a home of their dreams..
To some a ticket to the Andaman's
To some , a meal..

Happiness means different thing's to different people..
I do not have substantial evidence of happiness, that does exist in the hearts of every soul...
But know fully well..
That when you sleep without a care in the world..
Without a knot in your tummy..
Without an ache in your heart..
Or a longing in your dreams..
You are happy by all means..

I remember , when I used to work...
I was often asked , "what do you want most in life"..
And my standard reply would be,"To be happy"..that's all..
And I remember bewildered looks on the journalist's faces..

But frankly if you have happiness , you have peace..
If you have peace..
You have a life, worth its while on earth..
There is nothing more precious to me in this world that Peace, love and happiness..

They are such simple words..
But cover a multitude of everything...

All I want sometimes is Everything...
Or then I'm willing to trade it for just happiness..

The kind of happiness that means ,
Everyone around me is safe..
All the ones I love, are in a happy place..
Where sitting and watching a sun-set is bliss..
Where there is an unstoppable smile on every one's lip's....
Where if you hurt, its because someone has hugged you really tight..
Or you having a pillow-fight..
Where you have mostly tears of joy, because your little boy and girl, just washed all their toys....
Where Angels hover around you in the guise of friends..
And broken-hearted is only because you burnt your new white shirt again..

To me happiness , is holding little hands and tickling little feet.
Looking into the eyes of the one that I love to meet..
It's that voice that calms me when I'm scared ..
Or makes me laugh when I have burnt my baking bread..
Happiness to me means to say whats in my heart ..
Not to take my love for granted ..
Or tear it apart..
It's the voice of reason in stormy weather..
And that beautiful song, that will play , in my heart because of you , forever..

Happiness is really not that rare or elusive a bird..

A beautiful Pheonix only rises from the ashes..

So remember whatever you may be going through right now..
Is just a migratory bird..
That's frightened of the cold...
And will leave, because it has no courage at all..

So don't cling on to a season..
It's here to be gone..

But protect that warm lamp of love that is "YOU'...
Keep her secure and happy , all year through..
Don't let anyone rain on her parade..
Don't let anyone trample on her love and joys..
Don't let her ever feel blue, because she gave her love that was so true..
Look after her , when the rain is pelting hail from the sky..
And let go of what has made you cry..
You can make the world smile only, if you are happy inside "YOU"
Because happiness is "YOUR'S" , if you can manage to kiss the tough times "ADIEU"...

P.S. I completely love this sharing it with you ...


  1. Thank you,Maria. This post was exactly what I needed to read to sum up my day, well, my birthday. Good timing I guess. :))

  2. Ah, dogs! I saw the dogs and nothing else entered my head after that. Dogs are happiness for me...;)

  3. thanks a bunch, M! :) came back to your space after weeks to catch up and glad to read what i read just now after having a lousy lousy week. thanks for these sweet little nudges when we need them the most at times. life is all about warm, happy coincidences ~ much love n peace.

  4. What a tImely post, Maria! Have been having a serious case of the blues all day long... Feel so much better after reading this. Have been following your blog for a few weeks now- I love the way you write!

  5. Hey ur blog is so refreshing ".."... It's a treat reading ur stuff ..... wow .... Those flowers I remember .... Have to get the ruffling rite for them .." cya

  6. Sweet words and true advices..:)
    You have to love and accept yourself to find happiness.
    You should embrace life, being thankful for what you have...
    Happiness means little things...spending time with your loved ones...laughing until the tummy hurts. Feeling the summer rains.
    Being with friends who accepts you as you are.
    Just being yourself should make you happy.
    May you and your family always be happy..

  7. That's a nice pic wondering if it's ur front yard?

  8. Dear Cres,
    Happy Birthday...

    Dear Dizzy Lizzie,
    Puppies are the best...

    Dear Cryptic Crow,
    Please do come by often ya...

    Dear TBC,
    Well I have I managed to make your Blues disappear a bit ...

    Dear Erica,
    ha ha ha ha see you in class, yup have to get the ruffling right ...ha ha ha ...

    Dear Sawariya,
    All true...

    Dear N,
    It is actually my terrace ...

  9. Well said :) There is nothing more precious in this world than love, happiness and peace..we might be heart-broken because we did not receive the love we gave from a few people...but we are still surrounded by so many people who love us and care..happiness really does mean different things to different people...being surrounded by loved ones, nature, music, children, seeing a smile on someone's face and knowing that I put it there, warm hugs, the feeling of being so in love with someone...are all things that make me happy..and I believe that if u want to have inner peace, its important for you to have faith in God, pray, be a good person, and give as much as u can...

    P.s. Your post just made me feel heaps better..thank u :)

  10. ninja pupyyyyyy.....oh i soloved reading the poetry he wrote from staring into his eyes!!! what a lovely post maeria!!!! sunday became.....fully!!! the breeze started blowing !! :)

  11. For the hearts you touch, the smiles you bring, the wounds you heal, A GREAT BIG HUG. Yes you.......... you mountain climbing, muffin making red velvet loving, swimming deep in the ocean,yogaing,(Can mr spellcheck take a break, I want to write yogaing. ) looking like a dish and cooking up a storm girl. You have a fab sunday and I will too.

  12. had a longgg day and ur happiness write up refreshened me so much dat i can finish my report now..hehehe...u r a(or i shud say ur blog) great company in my hotel room..thank you maria for touching so many souls wid ur bagful of love and happiness and yumm choclates(craving for one already)..was just wondering if u cud swap ur cooking course in bankok wid Dubai...haha
    P.S : pls put up more songs.

  13. Lovely way to put things into perspective. It's important to remind yourselves of all these things once in a while ... :).

    BTW, would want to know what song are you talking about in your note?

  14. Dear Ifrah,
    If I can bring a smile on your face...
    I'm a happy bunny...

    Dearest Amito,
    Yup... Amito, that pup of mine wrote poetry, that we all felt...
    I miss my Ninji...and I know you do too...

    Dear Sneha,
    Please never ever stop visiting me here....

    Dear Aashi,
    I love Dubai...have spent a great many fun times stay happy....

    Dear Sejal,
    It's the song I have posted on this blog...
    And hope to see you here again ...

  15. YoU are such a heart healer- no matter what I m feeling now after reading your blog i go high up up up n away -plz keep sharing your infectious doses of joy wit everyone.

  16. Dear Neelambari,
    Thanks a ton for calling me a "heart healer" ...

  17. I totally adore this song..
    Waiting for new posts.. so exploring ur earlier ones :)

  18. I totally adore this song..
    Waiting for new posts.. so exploring ur earlier ones :)