From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, May 8, 2011


For the longest part of my life , in fact for as long as I can remember the one constant love in my life has been chocolate, I devour chocolate when I’m happy, excited, sad, mad, bad, crazy,
hungry, starving, weeping, before sleeping...well I hope you getting the drift..
So I felt that there is no better way to start this column with Hindustan times, but with the
love of my life.....

So I decided to try a whole bunch of new recipes so that I could get you one that is really delicious and easy..
So you can just imagine how many different recipes I tried and God I baked and tasted and my help at home ...poor guys ate every muffin I baked ...

My man-Friday Vijay, is someone who now understands what I do completely and gives me precise feed-back..Well after 5 different trials ,got this which I made for my choir and I made about 80 pieces and got nothing back...

So here goes

200 gms good quality cooking chocolate

115 gms Amul butter

150 ml water, room temperature

275 gms brown sugar or brown sugar or organic sugar

1 1/2 tsp vanilla essence

4 eggs separated

175 ml sour cream

350 gms flour2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp soda bi-carbonate

On a very low flame mix the chocolate and butter along with the water,so that the butter and chocolate melt and a pouring consistency of the mix is formed....

Beat the egg whites till stiff peaks are formed and keep in a cool dry place..

Beat the yellow of the eggs with vanilla essence and keep aside..

To the flour add the baking powder and the soda bi-carbonate , sieve
it all together and keep aside..Now to the chocolate-butter and water mix, add the sugar and beat with a hand mixer on low..
Add the egg yolk and continue beating...
Now keep the beater aside and with a spatula add the sour cream and fold it into the above mix...

When the sour cream is fully incorporated add the flour by folding it in...

Now after the flour ,very delicately fold in the egg whites making sure
that it stays fluffy...and do not beat or mix vigorously ...
You are done...

This batter makes two 8 inch cakes or then about 80 bite size muffins..

If you making cakes bake it at 150 degrees for exactly 40 minutes and if you making bite-size muffins then bake it at 150 degrees for 18-20minutes...

The key is to first make friends with your oven….. And once you establish a good friendship..well the benefits are awesome...
If you do no find sour cream please use dahi comes out as delicious....

So i made bite-sized muffins and I loved them and my official taster
Zeke , with his mouth stuffed with the muffin gave me the "wow"expression ...These muffins turn out really soft and melt in your mouth...

I then waited for them to cool and decorated them with a chocolate butter cream icing ....
I love these babies...they fit correctly in your mouth ,as they are not too big and so you really don’t mind having about 4 ...
And then what i do is get up really early the next morning and go for a 40 minute run on our uneven , traffic infested ,dog chasing Mumbai streets ..ha ha ha
But you don’t have to believe every thing I write here, what I want you
to do is , go and bake this ...and then please do write in and give me your feed back..
As for me I’m a happy bunny, , I call these my "ALLELUIA CHOC-MUFFINS"because that’s what you want to sing straight after eating them...
So here just for all of you straight from "Maria's Kitchen’, fresh, soft and melt in your mouth ''ALLELUIA CHOC-MUFFINS" with love from me to you....


  1. make the picture size bigger so at least we can drool till the time we make them :D:D

  2. Hi Maria, just need to ask u- when u say good quality chocolate what do u mean, r u talking about morde chocolate? WHICH one do u use?

  3. Dear Anamika,
    Do not know how to make the picture size bigger...

    Dear Bella,
    I use Barry Callebaut.... or cooking chocolate my friend Pooja gets me from Budapest..

    But i also have used Morde...start with something you are comfortable with ...

  4. Hi maria, sorry for being a pest, but do u recomend any other cooking chocolate besides morde, something which is available locally- in mumbai. Somehow I'm not too happy with the taste of morde.

  5. Hi Maria,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I just sent a tweet to you from the Cadbury Bournville Twitter ID about the Dark Chocolate Parties.

    Would love for you to host a Dark Chocolate Party. The mechanics aren't tricky at all:

    - We'll send across Bars of Bournville and Bottles of Wine to a location you identify where you'd like to host your friends.
    - You need to let us know how many people you are hosting, we'll plan the amount of bottles of Wine and Bars of Fine Darks accordingly

    What we'd love from you:
    - A couple of great pictures would be fantastic!

    We've also got this Facebook Page which is pretty interactive - | Would love to know if you'd like to do anything with us on it. This ofcourse we can look at later but just thought it might be mutually beneficial.

    Look forward to hear from you!


  6. Hi...

    I saw your recipes, why don't you plan to make a series of videos to show the same from the "Maria's Kitchen". And I promise I would love to Produce & Direct that show...

    Please see my site

    thanks & regards

  7. nice one !!! the pic says it all :)

  8. Woman.... you're awesome. I'm so going to try these out. But i think i'm just going to use my cupcake tray instead.

    And i found this quote pretty apt for you.

    “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”----George Bernard Shaw.