From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, March 28, 2015


So in this world of ours  where most things are artificial and have an expiry date..
How do we know who is really real, in this chemically enhanced journey through life.
Or is it like food, the one that is au Naturale does not have too long a shelf life.
So we are then made to believe, that all that is real will not last.
How can we distinguish between the "real " and to put it in the words of Javed Jaffrey ,the "Na-real"..
How would I know..????
I think we just have to go through life, take everyone at face value and continue walking.

And try and live as close to our own truth as possible.
Or rather as close to the secrets we keep.
I know that judgement has to be kept for the last day, like the Bible says..
See I'm Catholic that way..HA HA HA
And frankly , who am I  to judge anyone , anyway ???

But the thing is if I were to meet you in a crowd and smiled at you and you smiled back at me, who is to predict the shelf life of this moment???
Is it fate..??
Or it the actions that you and me take..???

We were born wild..
And then humanity took over, or the lack of it...

But I have realised that you can't tame a heart..
You may adhere to how you have to behave in society..
But have you ever thought of what you would actually do if there was no society to answer to ..

I realise that I love people,but I'm not a crowd pleaser..
I don't have to be nice to someone I may not like..
And so more often than not..
I will just stay away...
There are very few that I may open my heart to...
And I  also know, than when you break your heart, only love can heal it ..

Sometimes in life, I do put on my mask on,and add my artificial sweetener and walk around...
But that does not really last too long..
It's actually just lasts for the duration of a song ..

And so today I just wanna tell you that all that is wild...
May not be as dangerous , as we have been convinced to think ..
It's more a pureness that we are not used to....
And that's why we do not know how to deal with it ..

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a wild animal ..????

The closest I ever came to ,was in Zimbabwe 12 years ago ..
And I was frightened by the sheer physicality of that beautiful lion ..
All it did ,was look at me ..
And me at him..
And those eyes were the most truthful I have ever seen ..
They were raw..
I never understood what they said ..
And in that rawness
There was a connect ..
No I did not want to meet him with no steel gauze to separate us ..
But he looked at peace in his dense forest and at me on the other side..

And so today I want to share with you a recipe that is very basic..
No frills..
No fancies..
What you have ,is what you cook with.

And while I cooked this...
I wondered ..
What is it about us humans that need a veil..
That need a safety net..
So you can see the other person , but can't really walk to their side..

In my next life ..
I'm going to just be a lioness..
I'm going to hunt when I'm hungry ..
Go to the watering hole when I'm thirsty
Love when I can meet my lion without all these borders and demarcation lines..
And just live ..
Wild and free..

We have a lot to learn in life .

Firstly I have seen that in someways we can be like animals
We all play around with our  prey ,before we destroy their souls..
Sometimes just for fun .and sometimes because we are stronger than them ..
Or then just damaged souls,ourselves.

I'm thinking that we were all born with a purpose in life ..
And no it was not to save the world or another person..
It's just to be the best person we could be .,
And if we were all going to just try and do that ..
This world that we live in , would be a better place ..
Be kind to one another..
That's the least we can start by doing ..
And so as I today make you "Junglee mutton"" ..
I just want to say ..
Keep things simple .
Keep relationships free ,from frills and fancies...
Be real ...
That's all we need to be ..
And like the animals in the wild, don't hunt if you are not hungry..
Don't pretend to love , if love is not what you seek ...

So as I sit here in my corner of the world...
I just want to say , you may be a vegetarian or a non-Vegetarian reading my blog..
And so if I can spill my self here ..
Just write back a line ..
If I touched a string in your heart in some tiny way ..

As for this recipe..
It's yummy..
And I'm not going to be bashful about it ..

Food is like love ..
Half cooked is really s big waste of time of ingredients and emotions ..
If you are going to cook .
Then do it well and with complete indulgence ..
With lotsa love from "Maria's Kitchen "


  1. Hi maria,i have been frequentingbyour blog for quite sometime now and i must say that you have really managed to strike a cord in my heart a big time.honestly likely many fellow commentators say your writingbisblike a little voice in my head its exactly how i feel many a times..well for me i have found so many answers in midst the complexities of life from your blog. I have so much to say you .. could i get your email id cz each time i attempt to post here there comes an error. Maria you have the most beautiful soul may god bless u lots, savi rose

  2. Hi maria, i have been frequentingyour blig a little over a year and am hopelessly in love with have definetly touched a string in my heart in so many ways. Your blog is like the little voice in my heart which needs me to let out.iam someone who dwells in the memories of the past...and for me ur words is like a reference point in the complexities of world.i have learnt to let go couple of things and its kinda let my soul free. You are truely gifted writer and an amazing cook but a better human bieng. Stay the way i have startd to include my little dotter in my culinary expeditions as u say dotters keep traditions alive and i am enjoying every bit of u lots...hve so.muchbto say but another time . Great wrk maria love savi rose

  3. Maria, thanks for the great recipes and the cheerful videos!!:-)

  4. Can you share where you get some of your kitchen tools from? Especially the flour sifter that I see in your baking video please? Looks very handy. Thank you!

  5. Hi Maria, I never knew you were a food blogger. I saw some of your videos on YouTube and I find it so refreshing. I am pretty intrigued by your Jungee Mutton recipe. Someone gave me a recipe as well, but I havent gotten around to cooking it. As a Bengali, I always end up making Kosha Mangsho and very rarely deviate from the traditional for my husband and my almost four year old daughter.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes and that infectious vibe.

  6. Hi Maria, long time reader from California. I love your writing and your tweets, especially ones that express views on current events. Have you checked out Bridge White Kumar's work? She writes amazing anglo-indian recipes. I think you'll love it!

  7. Hi Maria.. I want to ask for a big favor from you. Couple of days back I have seen your episode on living good making a dish of mutton. I didn't get the chance to see the name of the dish but it was some thing you were marinating the boiled mutton and then cooking it and after that frying with ghee. I desperately want that recipe . I have search down the whole internet looking for that video but bad luck. So can please publish that recipe or mail that to me at I will be always great full to you