From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I found a me, from long long ago...
When I looked at her..
She looked so different from the me of me now..
She looked like she was searching..
And waiting and hoping..
And had a smile on her lips and a sparkle in her eyes..

I just wanted to tell her..
She will be just fine..
Infact much more than just fine..

Her fears will dissipate..
And she will walk tall, in all her '5.2' frame..

She will fall in love..
Not many times ...
But will fall in love with a passion ..
That will forever spoil the person, she loves..

She will fall in love, sometimes with someone she has unknowingly loved..
Sometimes with the one that awakens her , from deep slumber..
Sometimes the one that heals her heart, and stays the song in her heart..
Sometimes, with a soul that sparkles like hers..
And sometimes they could all be rolled into one..
And yet be different lives ..

But fall in love she will, with man, woman, child, animal, mountains, plains and deep oceans..
And all the magic, this universe holds within..

She will make mistakes..
She will fall..
She will get up..
Wipe the tears off her face , and bravely walk on..

She will meet many people..
And travel, physically and spiritually..
Till she knows, its actually all inside her..
But, stop, she will not, because to travel, is her rest..
Her destination of Zen..

She will have children..
And fiercely love them..
Like a lioness loves her pride..
She will love and be loved..

Because between 'then' and the 'now' that's , all that really matters..

I wanted to tell her..
Her heart will be broken , and broken many times..
By the ones that she loves..
But aren't they the only ones, she lets in..
And maybe, they are not to blame..
Her heart is not their place, and so they break out, smashing and leaving torn , the walls of her being..

I just want to tell her.
Her heart will melt, capsize and smash to smithereens..
And every time, this happens, rest assured, she will discover a new piece of her, that sparkles brighter..

She will keep that sparkle in her eyes..
Maybe its tears, maybe its wonderment..
Maybe its just plain love..

And that's what I see today..
I see eyes, that have loved, lost and loved some more..

The rest , in my opinion , just does not matter..
It does not really count , in the long run..

Love does not ask questions..
It seeks no permissions..
It has no boundaries..
And definitely no ego..
Its just simple, and kind, and permeates all through the hearts of mankind..

And I have learnt , you don't have to teach anyone lessons..
Or hit back at a wrong..
Karma serves us all..
It gives us what we dole out..
It always comes and pats us gently, on our most vulnerable spot..

What I would actually tell her..
Is that, nothing in this world matters...
Expect how much and how well you love..

I'm happy ..
That through her trials , tribulations and falls..
She has stood still..
Maybe she went crazy and wild inside..

But she managed to keep her heart..
Beautiful, childlike , trusting and full of sparkle inside...

So I'm just going to look , straight at me , and say this to myself..
Continue to love..
Try and not expect, anything in return..
Its going to be the most difficult thing to do..
But love nonetheless..
Till it sears and burns..