From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, July 28, 2016


And so I have realised that no matter who you are, where you come from, what you do , regardless of your sex, colour of your skin, frizzy or poker straight hair, straight or crooked teeth, dimples or pimples and philosophies in life .
Your heart will be broken .
That's a no brainier .
You are safe from no one...
Man , woman, child, animal, place, thing and even fish..
Do'nt laugh, I'm serious...
In this case its about the fish in Maldives that I cannot meet because my son (who also incidentally, keeps breaking my heart) is not upto mark with his school work and hence , we cannot bunk school.
And so I'm heartbroken about the fact that I'm not going to be diving into that beautiful blue this Independence day with my dive-buddies and will miss meeting all those  beautiful shoals of fish..

I'm gonna really miss me diving with you ..
So lets get back to heart break..ha ha ha
One day your rose tinted glasses will shatter ...
And you will feel like , an under-wired delicate lacy bra, put in a washing machine on a double turbo rinse cycle without your lingerie bag as shield.
Yup ..

So what happens next...
You will be put out to dry on a line with all the other clothes whether you like it or not, your under-wire maybe be a little twisted wrongly and your lace , looks like you were put at the front line in a war zone , so you look a bit battered .
And the rest of the clothes will figure your plight, they may snuggle up close to you or pretend they never saw you ..

Well the fact is this ..
Too bloody bad ..
For me , for you and for whoever else standing with pieces fallen around you .
Sometimes you make the wrong choices..
Sometimes you don't read the signs..
And sometimes you know , this may never work...
But all your nerve endings are screaming out...
"No no go for it..
One life to live .."

And of course you must listen to all your nerve ending and all the voices in your head , because they are so smart..
And you must tie up that tiny little feeble "voice of reason", in the corner...
Gag her and hang her upside down..
Stupid cow..
Has the adventure quotient of the eye of a needle , and wants to tell me what to do .

And so we do go ahead ..
Hair flying in the wind, cheeks flushed pink, big smile on your face, some times a cape on your back and beautiful sparkling dancing shoes ..
And march into the unknown of a place you think you know, but it's really foolish , that you can even think that you know, the Unknown , because the Unknown is unknown for a reason..
It is supposed to stay Unknown ..
Ha ha ha ha..

Anyway ..
So post finding the Unknown and exploring it..
You realise...
That what wants to stay a secret..
Will always stay that way ..
And you and your bloody flying hair and cape , can take your shiny dancing shoes and bloody well leave..
Because there is nothing to be found sometimes in the Unknown.
Except you alone..

So while I do think ..
People who are in love ..
Live on love and fresh air..
And people who are heart broken live on love and despair...
I need to eat..
And am hungry regardless..
In love or heart lying in smithereens on the floor ..
And all my blah has made me really hungry..
So let me share with you , this lovely  recipe that I made just recently ...

I'm trying my luck at being Vegan..
And today is my 11th day ..
Why am I trying my patience with being Vegan ..
Because I'm testing myself..
Testing my self control..
And more than that..
Sometimes you need to clean your insides ..
And so yup..


Zucchini -1

Oil -2tsp
Garlic- 8 pearls diced
Oregano- a sprinkle
Basil- 4 leaves
Chili flakes - according to taste
Salt- according to taste
Extra virgin olive oil
Mulagapodi powder also known as gun powder ( introduced to me by Nikhil Chinapa) and delivered to my by my really artistic under-water photographer Anup J Kattukaran


Add oil to a non stick pan..

Add the garlic and let it sear and roast a bit..about a minute
Add the Chili flakes and the salt to taste..
Then the spiraled Zucchini , which now looks like long strands of pasta, it takes just about a minute to cook on a really high flame, do not over cook it , or it will lose its bite or crunch..

Throw in your oregano and torn pieces of Basil..
Its ready..
Serve piping hot..
Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with as much Mulagapodi powder as you like..

So while I was spiralizing my Zucchini, I was just pondering about the fact..
That I never ever in my life thought, that one day , this would be my healthier option for pasta.
Now who does not love pasta.
I definitely still do..
Especially Aglio olio in pepproncino..Oh my Gooood..
But I did realise that pasta made with flour is not really the healthiest thing to eat, pasta made with wheat flour does not suit me and I'm not too fond of pasta made with rice..
And so I finally realised that spiralizing Zucchini is not just a healthy option but it really does taste awesome ..

And frankly in life, it always makes sense to reach for what is good for you , and makes your insides happier and healthier.
We all have a choice in life..
We all have a right to choose between what we want in life and what is really good for us, emotionally, spiritually , physically and mentally.
Because our wants may be few, but what we deserve is actually the very best of lots..
Well let me say this, yes I love pasta , beautiful 05 Spaghetti cooked with love in olive oil , garlic and chili flakes , it emotionally fills my soul with peace...
But the gluten in it , makes me so sick , that after about an hour, I'm really wondering why on earth I had it .
Similarly in life, I think the choices we make , really affects how we feel on our insides.
I know that there is really nothing wrong with loving anyone or not..
That's a personal choice..
Who you love (or don't) is your problem and no one else's...
Which means , you have allowed that person to stay in your heart or out of it..

What you do with love in your heart or lack of it..
Is what dictates the path of your life..
Sometimes you may be in love with pasta that feels oh bloody damn good , but is horrible for your insides and messes you in the long run .
And sometimes all the stars align and you fall in love with  Zucchini pasta, which just makes you glow inside out ..

And in the interim period , where you have not yet found , what works for you ....
Where nothing works..
What do you do ..
Do you throw your self in despair ..
And give up on food ..
And live on nuts and berries and drive yourself crazy for a bit ..
Errrrr ya ..ha ha ha
After all we are all just homo Sapiens , and according to Darwin's Theory of Evolution , came from primates...

So yes , we go back for a bit, but then life has a way of moving forward , if you can have your cells regenerated ..
And come back..
A whole new person..

And that according to me is just the most amazing way to live ..

We have to make peace with the fact..
That we will have our hearts broken..
But somewhere sometime, we must have broken someone too..

And that's how the world actually, in a very twisted way , becomes a better place..
It's only through brokenness..
That we find our selves..
It's like what Rumi said ..
The wound is the place , the light gets in..

Oh yummy ..
My beautiful zucchini is ready and sitting on my plate..adorned with just simple Extra virgin olive oil and mulagapodi powder ..

HELLLLLO Zucchini ..

And as I bite into it ..
I feel..
A burst of freshness , like never before..
Ofcourse its a far cry from what my palate is used to..
But then the only thing constant in life is change, and if it is change for the better..
Then you better grab it with both your hands..
Infact a few days ago I also made Khao Suey with a vegetable broth, and used Zucchini again as my choice of Noodles..
I actually left them raw, because they do cook up in the steaming broth..
I made chicken, lamb and veg condiments on the side, for the rest of the family..

A bowl of unadulterated  funnnnn....

But I was really pleased with the flavour of my zucchini pasta..
Its a small change, and I'm loving it ..

The fact is this..
There is not a chance in this life , that I would ever regret taking a chance on food and love..
You just always have to..
Just remember , what is good for you , will eventually find its way to you ..
Do'nt ever doubt that fact ..
Just believe it blindly , trust me ..
I always know what I'm talking about ha ha ha ..

The slight crispness of the al dente Spiralized Zucchini is such a comforting wholesome tasty bite ..
And feels so so satisfying ..
With just the right zing of naughtiness from that crazy Mulagapodi powder..
I love it ..
You just have to try this, with tonnes of love from , "Maria's Kitchen'...