From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, December 17, 2016


It was lovely...
You and me..
We went on long walks..
Listened to music that played in our hearts ..
Walked at the ocean shore..
Till the setting sun just hugged us tight..
And when the crescent of the moon shone, you just took me home..
Me and my gypsy ways..
I love our little nest at the edge of the brook...
Its close to the woods and the  mountains that I love..
We took our own time, we had some wine..
While I lit candles all around our favourite tree ...
We don't need a place, the wilderness is home..
Its where we belong..
Two wild hearts , so crazy in love..
We know what it means, to have what we share..
It does not define who we are or label us, it does not matter, a piece of paper, a metal ring, we really don't care..
It just lets us be..
Infact I feel the most free, when you have your arms tight around me ..
I don't want you to stay and I also don't want you to leave , nor do I want you to keep me in your arms forever , but I want you to hold me now..
Our arms are not our abode, they are home..
I love us..
I love what you do, to the deepest part of my soul..
And I know by the touch of your fingertips, the softness of your mouth, and the light in your eyes..
I'm your magic..
Your last thought before you sleep, whether you like it or not..
And you too yearn for just another day ..
And so we sat , fingers entwined, your heart-beat near mine, your breath mingled with words softly caressing my skin..
We spoke of the places we needed to see, together and the ones we need to traverse alone..
And then you looked at me , and asked me to walk across the bridge with you into the thicket of the forest..
You walked ahead , and held out your hand..
And before I could tell you what I wanted to ...
I woke up..

Maybe till another time..
Till we meet again, on the other side of light..
You and me and all the magic of the universe insight ..

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