From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, August 28, 2016


And there you were ..
And there was I ..
And it mattered not..
How we suddenly met ..
You said hello first..
Whether you walked first towards me or not ..
Whether I just shook your hand ..
Or you hugged me ..

What mattered is what you said , when your eyes met mine ..
Something transpired ..
Something that shook the very core of our beings ..
Something that made us stop and wonder..
Something we knew, our familiar , slightly changed...
What were we till then ..

Oh yes,we knew the other existed..
But this moment on..
We lived..
We lived with a knowing..
That something was unearthing the ground beneath our feet..
And yet..
It felt serene..
Turbulence felt sane ..
This felt like it was to be..
There was comfort in balancing on a rope , blindfolded..
I just knew that if I did fall , you would catch me..
And I would just not let you go ..

And then life happened..
And we began to question our normalcy..
Life saw our turbulence and decided that this is not how it should be..
Chaos and confused and totally happy in the thought that , this is what love may be all about ..

Who on earth said love is peace..
Peace is acceptance...

It's not love ..
Love is turbulence...

It sets off the Richter scale to a degree of non conformity..
You cannot measure it..
Nor can you explain it..
Now that's what we share..
That's what we have..

We never ever need to talk about love..
It just is ..
Wrapped around us...

In the brown of your eyes..
In the silence of your laugh..
In the touch of your mouth unhurriedly searing my lips..
It's a knowing that this moment..
This space is ours..

I have your name tattooed under my skin..
And I know you inhale the softness of my name, whether you want to or not..
We don't need to shout from non existent roof tops..
We don't even have to whisper..
We just have to be ..

And I just know..
I feel you and you feel me..
In this world of ever..
Turbulence, you and me...

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  1. I love your personality. ..and the way you have mentioned you in your profile... You are a charming lady