From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, January 28, 2016


It feels good when your heart is smiling from shore to shore ..
Wondering how deep it dived to connect with your soul..
That was hiding in the depths, of an inviting deep and neon blue,
A blue so sure, and yet not so worldly wise..

Filled with life...
Pretty, small , big and some, supposedly dangerous with all its might..
And in that depth , nervous as hell..
I found my calm..
Sitting in a little shell, all curled up and pretty as plankton, lost but happy, roaming free, in a beautiful blue..
Saying to me, I'm here, dont worry, I will stay with you..

My heart stopped all the talk it does..
It stopped wondering why and how..
And just flowed with the now..

It said to me..
This is the love ..
You have been searching for..
It's silent , it's deep, it has strong currents and filled with beautiful life..
It's filled with peace ..
Is that not how love should feel ..

And so I calmed down a bit and finned my way through the blue...
This was my me time, my perfect muse..
Filled with starfish, clown fish , sea anemones , eagle ray's and sharks too..
And every time I surfaced I knew..
This surface turbulence is just to be ..
To keep people from finding the true me ..
Those who want to , will dive through..

If you want to reach deep, into anyone's soul..
You have to be able to go past, the surface you behold ..
You need to be able to take that risk..
You need to trust..
What may exist..
You need to respect..
What's on the other side ..
Because that's where, true love lies..

And I met him under the roaring waves..
Under that feeling , that makes you sick to the deepest of your insides...
Under all the laughter..
And the madness..
I found that calm..
And I knew, this could do no harm..
It was gentle and kind and lovingly warm..
Yet filled with a madness, that moved so strong..

Love is funny..
Because it never announces its arrival ..
It's surprises you, like a jack in the box ..
That pounces on you when you least expect it too..
And really frightens your insides out ..
But then, isn't that what love is all about ..

So I looked him this time,very calmly, into his naughty eyes..
And said nothing, but smiled..
And let him do what he does best ..
Make a complete clown of himself ...
He presented me with beautiful coral of the daintiest kind, and fish so quaint, it would blow my mind.
Some that were not too pretty to look at , and some dangerous to touch...
I listened to him and followed him around , pretty damn much....
But if he wants me , then it has to be an equal kinda flow..
Where we dont have to hold each other too tight and yet we dont ever let go ..

Thats why I like his kingdom..
The seas..
It plays no games, roars what it feels, or can lull you with its calmness to sleep..

I'm not interested in games anymore ..
I'm here ..
I'm flesh ..
If you can't handle real ..
Don't come near ..

I feel like a mermaid ..
But not half complete ..
I can swim like a fish and can love like a tigress, in the jungle deep...
I can stay calm and laugh when waves hurl me up high ..
And I can walk on land , and know I have given my all and never wonder why ..

I feel that this....
What I feel ..
Is the beginning of a new me ..
And I'm happy that I'm able to feel so deeply ..
The scars of life have been washed away by the tide..
And I'm ok to not be , wanting to take sides..

I'm ok with all that I say and do ..
And I'm fine , if you just want to be you ..

Love I know is a feeling ..
Never a decision someone has to make ..

And yet I have decided to walk with love ..
No matter where he decides to trek ..

So I'm gonna leave you ..
With everything , I have not said ..
And hope you can fill in the gaps ..
And meet me on that mountain , up ahead ..
Where we can sit under the stars , in the arms of my favourite tree, and look at the moon, in the many phases it may be ..
Because its beautiful , even with its circle is incomplete..

And if truth be told..
No matter how much , I love you ..
I want you, to be you ..
And me..
Just be me ..

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