From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I'm trying to remember the things I need to forget..
Making a list..
Because you just keep walking into my heart and head ..
Unannounced , repeating words unsaid..

I'm trying to understand how to live and let you go..
But I really don't want to..
Because I love,how you expanded my world ,just a little more..

You made me a wanderer..
A dreamer..
And a magician..
That I never knew I was..
I created my own universe, and filled it with blue skies, and wind-swept meadows..
And in it we held each other and whispered things , we never had..
You made me a creator of verse..
Which was the nicest way to converse..
It made everything even slightly sad , feel better than just glad..
You put song into my day..
And flowers on my path..
Smiles in my sleep..
And deep passion in my heart ..

But, I have to still remember to let you go..
You have done what you had to..
And now...
I have to walk through ...
You ..

The one that made me , all I was never before..
My hugs are yours and my sighs too..

Take it all..
Because I will always have more..
For you..

I'm not going to say good-bye..
I don't know how ..
But we should start walking away, now ..
Or this is going to stay for long ..
Both of us standing our ground..
You first..
no you..
This can go on , as you know for pretty long..

I'm holding you close..
I'm letting you go..
You are in my breath ,where ever I roam..
I breathe you in...
I exhale you out ..

You are the beautiful part of my tear drops..
Salty with that tingle of a smile..
I think of just you,when I run my mile..

I keep your voice in my head for days when even music makes no sense ..
And even when champagne makes me talk ,utter nonsense..

But I have to remember , that I have to let you go..
And so this is my reminder note to me..
It's my,'I told you so'..


  1. Hello Mam,

    This is Diana from The New Indian Express. Can I have your email id? I want to do an interview of yours for my weekend magazine. My email is