From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, September 12, 2015


There is a place in my heart 
That has your name carved, in deep ..
It's not really your name actually ..
But it's that feeling, that I keep ..
It's kept there for days ,I might feel blue ..
So that I can walk into this space I call our's..
And feel all warm ,like sun beams , shining through..

I sit here often, playing with the sun smiling at me, through dancing leaves..
And sometimes, just lay down, in the deep ,,among it's roots, and just go to sleep..

That is the time ,you find ,to walk into my peace..
You wake me up ..
You say we have to go ..
To a place , that I will love much more..

I ask you to stay,to wait a while ..
To just be ..
To rest in the space , nestled in the bark of our tree..
You look at me , I smile back into your eyes..
You wait a bit ..
You ponder a while..
I know you want me to stroll with you while you walk along a path that is strewn with blooms anew..

So how do I stay and yet go away ..
To a world that maybe new..
And all that I would know ..
Would just be you ..

I guess that's what , love means ..
Trust ..

I hug you tight ..
One last time in the shade of our oak ..
That we both grew to love ..
This bark has our stories, and our conversations etched in deep..
It has our love and kisses, that we keep..
It has moments that we shared without a care..
And troubled times that lingered in the air ..
It has good bye and forever kisses, caught in the green of the languorously swaying leaves..
And crickets that hummed ,as we lay nestled , entwined in one another for keeps..

I will go with you .
Wherever you may want to be ..
Because I'm home wherever you nestle happily ..

No, I'm not giving up part of me ..
I'm not making a sacrifice for thee..
I just know deep in my heart ..
That it's you and it's me ..

The rest is all just immaterial..
Bricks and stone ..
That do not understand the way love works ..
Love does not need anything , but just love in return ..
That's all that matters ..
Everything else is just a pretence..

You want to know ..
If I will walk with you further on ..
Till the end ..

But how can I make promises ..
About a time I have not seen ..
I'm here with you now ..
Flesh and blood ..
And a heart bright with the flame of love ..

And that's all I can give you ..
My now ..
Should that not be enough..

Now is where we are..
Wrapped in each other's embrace..
Weaving memories in each other's hearts that will stay..
Uttering words in rapture of each other's gaze ..

I kiss you softly ..
I hug you tight once more .. 
I bury my head in the nape of your neck ..
And I inhale you ..
So that this moment runs through my soul evermore..

Who are you and me to make plans ..
That have already been made for us much before this life time..

I just have one little thing that I really want to do ..
I just want to stay permanently in love with you , in this world where everything changes..
Some days I may love you like the tempestuous sea..
And some days , all coy, like stars bursting softly in the night sky ..
Some days I will love you as silently as the dark deep ocean loves the rays of the sun ..
But love you, I always will..

That's the way love unfolds..
It does not really know why ..
But follows a path that's lit with tiny little flames, with embers that don't really die..

Unless it has been stamped upon...
Of snuffed out ....
Or has been left to gleam ,without any care ..

Love is , at the end of the day ..
For the brave one , who are so rare ..


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  1. life speaks in verses- a reflection of your soul- really amazing one- luvd it