From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, September 19, 2015


So I woke up with a missing..
A void inside my soul..
An emptiness..
A longing..
Of something of yore..

On the surface of my smile..
There seems to be little drops of tears in my eyes..
A path I walked on again..
Led to a dead end...
Not that I have not walked here before..
But I thought my laughter could melt down that door..

And so I walk back again..
Looking for the sun shine in the sky..
But am met with tiny droplets of rain..
That fall softly..
Without a sound..
So that the breaking of my heart is the sound all around..

It's funny sometimes..
How things turn out..

I told you so
Says my head to my heart
Empty words make the most noise
They are just said because...
Its what was not really meant.
But it's the actions that really count

Am I looking in a place that does not exist
At a face that I think is smiling..
But just not my way ..
Walking down a road
Where streets have no name

Help me out of here ..
Says my heart to my head..
Take me away to another space instead..
Where I can fully heal and be whole again.
Where I can meet ones..
Who know me by my name..
Where you say what you mean..
Or not at all..
A place that shelters you from hearts you should not trust..
A place that does not have broken hearts all over like dust..

And so I keep walking
And sometimes get lured
By "what If's" and "lets take a chance"..
And I'm greeted with a "but"..
Or then words ...
That stay just that...
And disintegrate into the dust ..

There is nothing in life more beautiful than the "now"
Nothing better than the "real"
And even if it's not what you would like it to be ..
It's your reality ..
So step in and ..

Break your heart
Let it burn with the fire of love..
It's only then you will fully know ..
Who you are inside ..

And what ever you do
"Go with your heart "
It's always true...


  1. Awesome Poem <3

  2. I love this part - Break your heart
    Let it burn with the fire of love..
    It's only then you will fully know ..
    Who you are inside ..

    It reminds me of all the shells and layers we have in life, driven by ego/selfishness, and we refuse to connect with other people in life.