From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, May 21, 2015


And so being a true blue Bombay ( now known as Mumbai) girl..
We had summer, the rains and an excuse for winter..
And through my travels around India and a bit around the world...
I realised that the colours of autumn eluded my colour pallette..
I never really saw trees going from green to ablaze ..
And like any normal human..
I wanted to feel and see what was not in my periphery of vision ..
We are all like that I guess or is it just me ..
What we can't have ,we want ..
So we go after it..
And sometimes in life, we do get what we want, and then don't know what to do with it ..
So like all primates ,we do a deep scrutiny ..
And play with it a bit and then what cannot be consumed, physically or spiritually, is then left , on a by-lane..

So what is it that makes us want something in the first place ..

I think in my limited knowledge of life..
I would say how a person , place , animal or thing makes you feel..

Like my kids make me feel protective..
Spain makes feel totally yummy..
My Taz makes me feel totally adored..
My Madden wedges make me feel comfortable..

I feel if you live life , controlling your feelings , you just don't live..
And I don't mean , give in to your anger, rage and other negatives and burn the country side..
I mean give in to the positives..
Smile more, hug more, reach out more, forgive more, compliment people and love ..

Ok let me just digress a bit and give you this recipe..
I was watching a travel show yesterday and a Jewish feast was being prepared, and I saw this cake being made..
And because I'm in love with the colour orange ( I know what you are thinking , she is Nuts) , this recipe just stuck in my head..


So while I was baking this cake in my oven, I had a lot of time to just be..
So I'm sitting in my kitchen and  trying to figure stuff in my life ..

So I miss Autumn..
Why ??
Because I never grew up with trees turning a fiery raging orange ..
And somehow that has just made a little nook inside me ..
And now I love the colour orange ..

Because it reminds me of Love ..
Love always evolves..
If it is real love ..
And if it's not , then I guess it takes a walk ..
I think the reason I love Autumn , is because , it's the season of change..
It's the season of shedding your old self and starting anew..
Its allowing yourself to fall, not holdng on..

So yes cut yourself some slack ..
Take a few chances..
Let yourself fall..
I somehow ,am kind of forced to start anew , sometimes..
Because I indulge myself..
I take a few chances..
I let that fiery passionate orange overwhelm me ..
I think it's a nice way to live ..
Whats the worst that could happen ..
It may just not work out ..
And I believe there is great wisdom on every path that we stumbled and fall flat on, that we will eventually find..
And thats what our true essence is..

And frankly, life without a few, not thought through chances , is very very boring..
And I'm very dangerous to myself when bored ha ha ha ..
That why I prefer getting into trouble ha ha ha

Life actually gives us so many chances and paths, we are free to choose..
And we have a chance to go through autumn and come back beautifully new ...
And yes we will come across so many situations in life that will make us want to dance and laugh in the sun and twirl..
And then those that break your insides to smithereens , like ground almonds in a food processor..

But the thing is , the pieces of almonds , do not lose their essence..
They just change form..
So take that chance ..
Dance in flames , till you drop..
Because every time we go through autumn which is so beautiful and raging, we are getting ready for a bare winter..
And then very slowly back into a blooming fragrant Spring and then a smiling summer ...
If nature does this so easily..
Why should it be a Herculean task for us ..

So while I'm sitting in my really hot kitchen..
With Taz for company ..

I'm thinking that in life don't confuse yourself..
Go with what makes you feel happy , without causing anyone else harm ..
And life will be just fine ..

Today I love orange ..
Tomorrow God knows what ..
So I will just go with the flow ..
Infuse a bit of Orange in my everyday and enjoy its warmness..

Sometimes I want what I don't have ..
I want Autumn..
But I'm sitting in a blazing Mumbai summer..ha ha ha ..
And that is my reality..
And it's all good..
Because in my Bay..
I get Alphonso mangoes, that I know are special to my summer ...

Playing with sunshine on a hot summer day ..

So you are getting the drift right...
Ha ha ha now that I have written enough about oranges and Autumns and leaves and feelings..
I'm just going to now bite into my gluten free slice of moist orange yumminess..
It's full of that fresh orange flavour, I can also taste the rind in it ..
It's slightly bitter , but ever so slight..
And filled with a sweetness, that is just enough..

It's like a slice of life lived well, it's browned on the surface, has its share of bitter experiences and yet retains a quaint sweetness and is filled with a moist golden yellow inside that's beams like you cannot stop it...
That is love..
And that should stay in your heart , regardless..

With much love and sun shine...
Always ..
"Maria's Kitchen "...


  1. Oh Maria.... each and every post has so much to say and so much to teach about life. So deliciously written and I savour every bit of your word to the core. Thanks a bunch for sharing these wonderful recipes but yes sometimes the ingredients get tough and expensive on the pockets....hahahaha....and then I substitute it with something innovative (kinda cheaper) and make my delight ;) Anyway... Happy cooking in the soaring temperatures!!!

  2. Nice to read a blog piece from you after long Maria! Great recipe and writing. Keep going!!

  3. Hi Maria- your writing is food for the soul- like your food is for our bellies- together they lift every recipe from delicious to the sublime! Every recipe is a piece of social history which is a reflection of our past and relevant to our future. As we do- as we are- so shall we eat. Many thanks - Lavanya