From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, March 24, 2014


In the deepest corners of my soul ..
Sits a girl..
Wondering about her smile..
You may ask why..
Well she gave it away ..
To someone who touched her heart one day..
And he never sent it back..
It now been quite a while ..

And so she is sitting  ..
And wondering where to go..
Because she does not look like her anymore..
She looks like a stranger to herself..

I know this does not make sense..
That's why it's called life..

She tried calling him one day..
She saw him pass by with her smile..
But she has lost her voice..
I guess it's all the talking she did ...
Too much ..
With all that she is..
And so now ..
It has gone silent ...
Her voice and her heart..

She knows not what to say..
So she spends her day..
Doing what she does..
And then ..
When the day is done..
She sits all alone..
And tries and makes sense of how she could actually be so naive..
To think that someone would give her back what she gave so freely away..

Nobody values what you freely give.
She learnt this the hard way..
But she is still not willing to believe..
That she will not see
Her smile...

So I took her out for a walk.
Unwillingly she strode..
Slowly with an armour around her heart..

I showed her the faces of the ones whose lives she has touched..
All smiling faces and warm hearts..
She walked with me without saying a word..
I even bribed her with chocolate and funny things..
But she just wanted to go back ..

I let her leave..
I could not make her stay..
She needed to find her own way..

And as the blanket of night , whirled over the sky..
And stars lit up like dancing fire flies..
I felt a peace, and knew she was fine..
A little lost ..
A little confused..
A little feeling of being slightly obtuse..

I felt my insides rest..
If this is life..
Can I please have no more tests..

I will still freely give ..
All I can ..
And that girl in my soul..
Will stir up magic like no one else..

And before I lay down to sleep ..
I just want to say..

Keep my smile..
It's OK..
It was always meant to run away with you ..

"I'm wearing your smile"
The one you imprinted on my face..
The day you kissed me..

I'm wearing your smile ..
The one that said you miss me..

I'm wearing your smile ..
The one that does not stop when you hear me laugh..

I'm wearing your smile ...
The one you sent in a glass of wine..

I'm wearing your smile..
The one you sang to me for a while..

I'm wearing your smile..
That special one when I touch your heart..

So it's OK..
It's cool..
Give your smile away ..
If someone needs it today..
And you will still have a heartful of smiles that run for miles and miles with you ..

At the end of the day..
It's simple you know..
Love is always meant to be given away..
Sold with a smile..

They walk together..
They were always meant to be ..
Your heart , my smile..
Just like you and me ..