From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


There is a place in my heart..
That is always filled with you..
Of all that we talk ..
Of gazes ..
And of touches that are painted with a vibrant blue ..

And so every time I want to break free..
I just walk back into me ..

It's a beautiful place ..
With sunshine ..
But it also has the rain and cold ..
And Autumn that is so bold ..

It's this season that we love the most ..
The season of change ..
The season where everything turns to  fire and gold...
The season where we don't know what the next day will bring ..
Of thoughts hanging on to trees ..
And then letting go ..
Flying with the wind without a path..
Just going with the flow ..

So that's why I love this place in my heart..
And I'm not giving it up for anyone else ...

It's my place..
It's your place ..
It belongs to us ..
Come, rain , snow, wind or shine ..

So I just want to know ..
Do you have a place for me too ..
My comfort zone in you ..
A place where I can come and tell you my deepest darkest secrets ..
Or then just not speak..
A place where I can feel your breath on my lips ..
And your heart beat lulls me to sleep ..
A place where I wake up ,with your arms around me ..
A place where you want me to stay ,come what may ..
A place where you are always smiling into my eyes..
A place where you can just be you and I can be me ..

Well if you do ..
Invite me to your nook..
To the place where you look out at the falling snow ..
The roads you drive ..
The people you meet ..
The places that you just walk slow ..

Is there such a place that you would share with me ..
I want to know ..
In a reality that exists ..
Not just in words of show ..
So is this love ..
I really do not know ..
So maybe I don't understand love ..
And it's various ways ..
I probably just want to keep it simple and plain ..

I feel you sometimes..
Just sitting and smiling ..
And sometimes can feel the distance in your smile ..
And sometimes just wondering ..
It's all those stories in your head..
And strings of beautiful words you never said ..
Of steps you walked and then stopped ..

I just want to say again ..
I have a warm nook in my heart ..
And that has your name ,etched like ridges on a mountain side..
And it's staying that way ..


  1. Adorable Maria,
    U r truly blessed in ur writing department! Sprinkle some magic on me as Aashi

  2. Beautiful......, Ua blessed!

  3. Magical Maria,

    I so love the way you have evolved over a number of months, days and at times minutes. Do write about how we can indulge in self love. Remove this stupid thing about I have no friends, no one loves me, this feeling of loneliness that is slowly creeping inside me. I dont want to step out or take a walk. I think people dont want me around. That I am such a loser. Help me! I am sure someone did help you when you called out. I believe the universe asked me to connect with you.


    1. Dear Arnavaz,
      I don't know , what to say to you , because , I'm sure that yu are a perfect human being, and that if you truly let go of all thats worrying you and just take a step forward..
      it will be better , than where you are standing right now..

  4. These are such romantic, heartfelt and touching words , it is so beautiful, so warm and so full of your feelings.... take care

  5. These are such romantic, heartfelt and touching words , it is so beautiful, so warm and so full of your feelings.... take care