From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, June 30, 2014


And then there you were walking on my path ..
Why I wondered...
Because we all have our own ..
It's not like we never walked before ..
But you know ..
I was a bit confused..
A little bemused..
To find you , on a path that you never wanted to walk before..
It was too pretty and perfect you said ..
And yet , here you were all smiles and lit up eyes..
Looking at me ..

I said nothing..
I just looked into your eyes..
They were like molten gold and full of conversation inside ..

But in silence we walked..
And the birds did all the talk
While we walked with the beat of our breath..
Mystical magical twilight set upon us ..

Twilight is kinda naughty you know
He sets it all beautiful with his golden glow..
And then leaves without a warning
Before the moon has a chance to put on his amorous show..

So twilight nudged us both together..
We walked slowly.
Side by side ..

We said nothing ..
For quite sometime..
And then broke into peals of laughter..
There was just too much we had to share..

We started with the weather..
All warm and fair..
Discussed the fresh rains and how beautiful it felt beating on the bare grass..
And then came the snow..
That I always long to play in..
We veered to topics about Mother Earth ..
Politics, kids and global warming ..
If anyone dropped in on us ..
We sounded like friends , catching up on each other's life ..
And would never really know ..
The truth that played inside..

We laughed..
We giggled..
We strolled some more...

We watched the twilight swiftly fade away
And pave the way for a Prussian sky..
Mighty brooding..
Like the insides of you and I..

You wrapped my fingers in the warmth of yours, like it was just the most normal thing to do..
And then pulled me close, and kissed me , like I have always wanted you to...
You pulled me closer like you always threatened to ..
And I just snuggled deeper into you ..
We talked about music , books and the world..
I looked at the fine lines on your face
And the dull ache in your eyes
That you always keep at bay ..
This felt like it was always meant to be ..

So are we strangers, lovers or friends..
Who just walk the same path again and then again ..
Sometimes we hold on..
Sometimes I let go ..
Sometimes you disappear to another shore ..

But where your heart reaches..
Even you sometimes don't know ..
It mostly walks on a wild path..
Whether or not you led it afar..
It strides on ..
Till it bursts into a kaleidoscope of colours..
Merged into one another..
Where you can't tell one from the other ..
And that's the place it puts up tent and stays, till the earth changes all over again...

So are we going to continue like this ..
Or are we going to stay ..
Meshed, entangled in each other's hearts and minds all day ..
There is much more to life ..
Than meeting another soul they say ..
Naysayers laugh at love and it's play ..

But I'm going with my heart..
Though many a times it has led me astray ..
It can't be that wrong..
It does eventually find it's way ..

It's important to fall in love again and again ..
It's good for your insides..
It fills all the crevices..
It widens your smile..
It keeps you warm..
Even on a cold dark night..

So will continue to walk with you , till we decide to find a new path..
Together or then a new way ..
And yes we continue to smile, laugh , love and be ..

To love and to let it be ..
To the words that escaped my lips...
To the words that you held back ..
To the words you and me will never hear..
To the words that our hearts felt..
To all the words in-between and floating around us..
They sometimes mean nothing, till they transform to a touch..

I just want to look at you for a long long time ..
You can do the same if you please ..

And then I want to hold your face and kiss your fears away ..
And show you how to look into the sun on a bright sun shining day ..

When you fall in love ..
You don't really lose your self ..
You find a much better you ..
That's able to breathe even if it's all askew...

We have our own little world..
Where your voice mingles with my breath..
And my heart beat with your kisses ..
So brief and yet infinite with possibilities..

And so let's keep reality for another day ..
We have her hovering around us perennially ..

She tells us what to do ..
Where to go ..
How to behave ..

Not that I'm always attentive ..
But she has me on a leash ..
And sometimes robs my peace ..

So I walk away then ..
And sit under this big shady tree..
Read my book..
Swing with dandelions..
And laugh aloud..
And sing to the strums of a guitar playing somewhere around ..

It's a funny weirdly entwined life ..
Where love,
life and reality are at play ..

So how about you ..
What do you do ..
I live life ..
And let it happen to me ..
I let reality walk with me as my constant companion..
But I run away with love ..
He is my man ..
And will always be ..


  1. What a treat, you actually make people visualize.
    Best part is " But I run away with Love, He is my man and will alwyas be "

  2. Love your writings. Wish I could pen my thoughts so beautifully and simply.


    1. Well just write, write anything, it will flow...

  3. Love your writing!
    Wish I could pen my thoughts so beautifully.


  4. I can read this again n again n again n again n again n again! U r so full of love!! Sending u more love..xx..Aashi

  5. So are you , that's why you like reading it ..

  6. I follow all your poems ..n I feel little disappointed when u dont write. ...your poems tell a story n I love them absolutely

  7. Ma'am ... I absolutely love ur writing !! Every thing that you write makes me smile ... Thank you so much ... Xoxo