From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, May 4, 2014


And so I walk under a cresent moon...
Thinking of you
And all that we share ..

So many of them not uttered..
Some paths never crossed..
Voices never heard..
Hugs that stayed open..
Lips that never met ..

And I think to myself..
I live in my own little lagoon..
Where the tide so blue, swam in with you  ..

I did not know what to expect ..
From this stranger I just met ..
So I looked at you from afar and walked away ..

And left us to chance ..
To "come what may" ..

But in this little circle of life..
We had just had to meet ..
And when I looked into your eyes..
I felt nothing amiss..

I felt like love looking back at me ..
So I smiled back at you ..
And followed you through every brook and shiny stream ..
You showed me flowers I had never seen ..
And leaves that were a different shade of green ..

You made me smile ..
A brand new smile..
That was hidden in the rays of a full moon..
And then we just walked everywhere..
Strode up mountains ..
Ate berries..
And made music out of thin air ..
You let me in , on your life
And we decided to be friends for life ..
That's the way we decided to stay..
Lovers of love..
Come what may ..

We shared all..
Hopes and fears..
And let each other, cross over in our dreams ..

We said what we could not ..
When we met under a clandestine moon..
Breathing in life ..
Into these dreams..

You made me laugh..
About silly things..
And we tore down , pre-conceived notions..
About life, you and me, and how beautifully free it felt to just be , in each others company..

Every time I stumbled..
You pulled me up ..
Each time I got low, you caressed those blues away,with visions of far away..
You healed my wounds ..
And filled me with love ..

You became the ray of dawn
That opened my eyes..
And my sparkly sky ..
That enveloped me every night

I fell in love with life all over again..
Every dew-drop, every shell and butter-fly wing ..

You made music that lifted my soul..
And lulled me to sleep when I felt all alone..
With you and me, there was always the scent of pine-cones in the air ..

I fell in love with you..
Your simple beautiful soul..
And your eyes that reminded me of oaks in a forest full of life..
You gave me..
Nothing tangible..
But to me..
They were just the most precious things ..

You came to open my heart..
With your love ..
To wash away ..
Any stains ..
To fill all the crevices..
To pick the shards in my soul..
To put together broken pieces..
And parts of me that I had lost ..

And if tomorrow I never ever see you again..
I don't want to think about that at all..
But if ever this comes to be ..

Rest assured..
I will love  you from the bottom of my heart ..
And you will always be ..
The one who came to take my heart away ..
The one I gave it willingly to ..
The one who steals kisses in my dreams ..
And the one who I will always meet ..
In life ,in thought and in my dreams ..

This love is unexplainable ..
And undiminished..
Through this life
And the next ..

And if this life passes us by..
Without us living it like we should ..
I won't regret the parts that were not lived..
But the moments of immense joy and the unexplainable love that was felt ..

There is nothing more I want to say ..
I just know your soul and mine have been entwined from a past day..
So we have much to look forward to ..

But till then..
We live each day and cherish what every sunshine brings...
And continue to love all the little things..

I know, people say that in time..
We may forget ..
With age, time and space..

But in my heart..
You will always stay..
The boy who took my heart away..
Exactly how we look today ..

And when this life is done ..
And we are walking in a field of sunshine , towards the sun..
Your eyes will search for mine..
And your heart, will lead me to you..

Two complete souls..
Completely entwined ..

And if you think this is untrue ..
Just close your eyes ..
Lay your head upon the pillow of this earth..
Put your hand on your heart..
Breathe in that cool air..
And look deep inside ..
I'm sitting in a little corner of your soul
Arms open wide ..
Smiling at you ..


  1. Superlike. The last part "And if you think ......" was so soothing.

  2. Beautiful, simply...

  3. Beautiful..


  4. but in my heart will always stay :)

  5. Dear maria fantastic poem I had known u as a model, host of a cookery hv seen such a deep intense poet u r...plz keep writing. Cheers shivani!!

  6. I keep waiting for your blogs.....In all your writings there is a very rare kind of hope n optimism n goodness.
    When most people are so negative. usher in love, positivity n freshness of looking at lil' things.
    Love your blogs....n feel very good after reading them.

  7. I am so glad that I found your blog! Your writing has that freshness. You seem like one happy soul who is only sees the positive things in life and is just smitten by love with her own life. Your writing gives reasons to fall in love with life and to count only our blessings and not our problems. Looking forward to more such inspirational blogs.

    1. Yes Poornima, that is the only way to be ...