From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, February 13, 2014


We live in different phases of this beautiful moon..
You and me ..
Under a sky..
That sometimes is cobalt blue..
Sometimes sprinkled with stars..
Sometimes bathed in moon lite..
And blood red, on some nights..

Sometimes the moon hides himself...
Maybe so we can look inside us for that shiny light..

Have you ever wondered, what I feel when I see the moon..
Or how I sit and wait for it to reappear..
What it does to my soul..

It goes just to come back ..
Brighter than before..
And brings. the tide rushing back to shore..

Everything has to go away..
A wise person said,
But not before it has taught you , what it has to ..

Were we ever meant to be ..
We ?
I don't know .
Maybe not
At the end of the day
Why do we have to run with a flock ..
We were born solo and free..
An umbilical cord attached to destiny..
That would hold..
Life connected ..

So I guess
That's what renders the tale of you and me ..
Paths, journeys, moments not tied together...
But ravishingly free..

Does that mean , I don't really love you , and you don't love me ..

Actually nothing could be farther than the truth ..

You have taken up residence in my soul ..
Did you ask to be let in ???

By the time I realised , you had nestled deep inside my being..

I found my smile walking with you ..
And your grin on my lips..
And now everytime I look deep into me,  I just smile...

At how you so easily walked into my abode..
And made yours..

I did not put up a fight..
I did not even want..
I wanted to be taken away..
To a path...
Where  I could just be ..

And so I walk with the moon as my guide..
Sometimes, he just walks by my side..
And hangs onto every word I say..
Plays with the flicker of my eyes..
Inhales my every breath..
And then sometimes, he just goes away..
In those times, I wander under stars that shine bright ..
And crickets calling with all their might..
I sleep snuggled in a blanket of unanswered questions
Only to be woken up , by answers I have no questions for ..

I just know..
He will be smiling at me soon..
Because he needs for me to tell him stories that he missed..
And what I have been upto ..
And whether
I have been sun-kissed..

We smile , we walk and laugh at questions , that we will never answer..
He is just the moon you know ..
And is as clueless about what happens here on this soil ..

But as much as I love him..
And am happy bathed in his light ..
I know he has this dark side, just like me ..
Which we both may never see..
(So stark, naked and bare...)
I guess ...
We may never tread on darkness's side...
We don't dare..

So I smile bathed in the beams that emit from his heart
And feel all beautiful inside
Even if it is dark...

I love my man in the moon..
And he loves me..
And I really don't care...
If the world thinks...
This is not how it should be..

I'm fine with meeting him..
Just the way we do..
With open arms..
And bursting with love..
Under a starlit sky..
Bathed in moonlight ..
Just us two ..
Him & me..


  1. Amaziiinnnggg....!!! thats all i can say..Loved the sentence" You have taken up residence in my soul".Re-read the post with the song Patakha Guddi[Highway] playing in your ears..will get an awesome feeling..i just did that..haha..stay Blessed..Siempre [Thats the only Spanish word have learn't so far and all thanks to you]- Aryan

  2. Awesome, wow, so deep.. Full of love.. Love it !

  3. Amazing writing skills. Also, where can I find your recipes? Heard a lot about them :)

    1. On this blog, just scroll down , there is a menu on the left ..

  4. mam soo beautifully the words you wrote, you gave them a life......