From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, February 24, 2014


I really did not know I had a piece of me missing..
Till I met you ..
I did not even know I was looking for you ..
Till you smiled into my eyes..
It's funny , but I never knew that I want to stay lost , till I found you..
You thawed my heart, I never knew was frozen..
I guess some people are just worth melting for..

You make me , "me"..
I do not really know, probably this may just be love..
It may or may not be..
I'm not really sure..

But if you shut your eyes, and think of me..
You will feel my arms around you..
You will hear me whisper your name..
And you may not want to admit it..
But life has just not been the same..

Sometimes I wonder, about you and me..
I wonder if you feel me walk to you..
Hold your face..
Kiss you deep..
Look into your eyes, where your secrets you keep..
You must know I can sometimes read you like my favorite book..
So I run my fingers through your hair..
And breathe you in ,without a care..
You must feel what my heart feels..
Because I'm really not shy about letting you know..
It's oozing out of every pore..
Fresh and beautiful, this dewy feeling that emits from deep down in my soul, I never knew existed, till you changed my world..

You changed my life..
You tipped my balance , and let my emotions spill..
You made me look at life , through a rainbow tinted rim..
You held on just enough ..
You let me go..
You called my name , when I walked away..
Was that to let me know, that you love me, but are not sure..
You made music out of thin air, that was fuel to my burning soul..
And held on to my every word, like we were the only two in this world..
You let me laugh, you let me cry..
You sometimes left me alone in the dark..
But every-time I walked into sunshine..
I would see you waiting , smiling, that lazy knowing smile, that actually is from deep down in my heart..
Its a lovely journey that has no start , but I know has an end..
So can we meander just a little while longer..
Watch sunrises fade into sunsets..
Let the stars on a moonless night take away our breath..
Get lost in mountains that have no names..
Just breathe into life, all over again..

And then follow a path that was never there..
We may get lost, you and me..
Not together probably..
So you wait for me..
While I search for you..
And we are both clueless about our existence , in this play of life as it unfolds ..
We were always meant to be..
Two souls..
Perfectly complete ..
Traversing through time and space..

And yet , we know, that this , is like a magical embrace..
That transcends, time lines and man made borders..
Beyond the realms of what we deem a reality..
Who is to say what is real and what's a dream..

I just know..
That , I do love you with all my might..
The rest does not matter..
I'm not here, to preach
Or to tell you what is right ..

I'm as lost as the next person you see..
But I'm happy I'm lost with you in this wondrous galaxy..
We meet , we smile, we laugh awhile..
We hold on ,we let go, we smile some more..
We walk together, we walk apart..

But I know you do feel me in the deepest corners of your heart..

And so we are free..
But attached to one another, by chains of destiny..

It's really late I have to go..
A new dawn is breaking thru..
But instead, I'm sitting here, with you on my mind, and a love that is pure..
That will ask no questions..
And tell you no lies..
But will love you..
Because, that's what this heart knows..
You can ask the droplets that fall out from my eyes..
That wash my heart..
And leads me to paradise ..
Where I see you sitting amidst trees , growing anew..

There is nothing , that I want..
Just to be nestled in you ...
That's all I ask ..
And that is my truth..

P.S. So I watched "HIGHWAY" last night..
and it has just stayed inside me..
Have not seen such a beautifully lyrical love story in a long time..
I'm just overawed.


  1. I am speechless.whenever i read your blog, i feel as i have done gives strange peace & refreshment to my mind.Thanks & love you for this..
    God bless you!

  2. Everything Varsha said and more.... Love n hugs keep writing, smiling and traveling if I am ever in mumbai would love to have a coffee with you over your book :)) xx
    P.s. The quote just makes so much sense and has put my life into perspective so thanks for sharing

  3. Your words made me fall in love again..!!!

  4. Dear Maria,
    You have a rare quality to speak from the heart, never let it go :)

  5. Just checked, and happy to see Maria is back, Nice reading, its true, you write so well. God gifted.

    1. Eeeeeee, I don't know what to say , but thank you ..

  6. Whatever happens, never stop writing...please

  7. Oh everytime you mesmerize me with your words, keep up this good writing - just like flavours you add to your yummy recipes!!!

    Hmm btw- I feel proud to share that I have just launched my poetry book " Is My Life- A poetic journey from No One to Someone"- do read it you can...Smiles:)

  8. Wow...big congrats...
    That is awesome ...

    1. Thanks a lot Maria - you see generally poetry books are quite rare and hence has few readers.

      I love your poetry and really am a big fan .

      Hence thought you could be a better judge and reader of my book. you can flip one copy avaliable on Flipkart or Grab one from Amazon .in ......Thanks a lot once again:)

  9. Your writing is beautiful. Also, where can I find your recipes? I have heard a lot about it. Thanks :)

    1. Thank you so much , and the menu is on the left as you scroll down .

  10. God bless write so beautifully

  11. Amazing piece of writing - Refreshing yet Nostalgic! Loved the simplicity yet depth of truth and maturity that every line carries...:)

  12. I'm a big fan of your wonderful poetry. <3 ... You should write a book of poems & publish it .. All the best <3

    1. Ha ha ha thank you , but I can't really write a book , because I'm not really a poet.

    2. Ha ha ha thank you , but I can't really write a book , because I'm not really a poet.

  13. I was unable to find words to express what I am going through now.There are ten thousand things goings on my mind and then I read this. It screams my thoughts..Thank you for expressing it so so beautifully..Suddenly when I felt everything was lost your post has infused a new sense of hope.Thank You.God Bless You :)