From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, January 2, 2014


And so I start off year 2014...
Not wondering how this year is going to shape.
But knowing fully well that's something spectacular is going to happen.

You know sometimes all you have in life to walk forward to, are dreams and wishes..
And the reason you have all of it , is because somewhere you are lost , and so are searching and wishing and hoping .

And so I start this year ...completely ...LOST..
And frankly I'm not sure I want to be found..
I'm sure it's going to be a lovely walk..
I'm sure I'm going to find along my way , people and things , that I may or may not have been looking for..
And if I do come across what I have been looking for ..
I think it's just going to be beautiful..
And if something new comes my way , then its going to be a brand new adventure..

And so with this lamp inside my heart..
I'm going to walk on..
There is so much to do..
So many strangers that I have to meet, to make friends..
So many friends that I will continue to love..
So many moments waiting to happen..
And so many beautiful lives I'm going to continue walking with..

I think I grew up a bit more last year..
I walked deeper inside, tried to clear the clutter..
I learned a bit more about myself.
Learned to give as much as I would want to ..
And expect back as little as possible..
Well , I'm not saying , it's easy, but it helps you be , "YOU"..

I learnt that no matter what..
You should go with your heart, yes you may end up doing and saying silly things, but it's better than living in regret..
I learnt that love has nothing to do with how somebody treats you, it has to do with how you let yourself treat them..
It frankly sometimes has absolutely nothing to do with the other ..
I learnt that sometimes, you have to go after someone, if you think you are losing them..
And sometimes, stop and wait, and see if anyone is coming to look for you ..
I learnt that sometimes, people are mean to you , you may not like that, or may get really hurt, but it somehow always equals out the balance, if you let it be , rather than react..
Sometimes, you are in a beautiful moment but ,was not able to actually grab it...
I say don't fret, if it's meant to be, it will come beckoning again ..
I learnt that sometimes you have to let go , in order to really hold on , just enough...
I learnt that sometimes to hold your words back is far braver, than just saying what comes to your mind..
I learnt that, love is just a simple four letter word, but there is really nothing simple  about love.
I learnt that a lot of people come into our life, and they do not outstay there purpose..
I learnt that the hardest thing you could do to yourself, is live with memories..
You rather live in the "NOW" ..
That you can make your own...
I learnt that the easiest thing we can give others are "Words"..
Because they have no home, and go away to whoever likes them..
I learnt that no matter what anyone says to you , how they behave towards you and make you feel is of paramount importance..
I learnt that, cooking is catharsis, and maybe that's why , it found me when it did..
I learnt that I'm like a volcano, that erupts from time to time, only because some stuff, I rather keep inside than let out..
I learnt that sometimes I can be frivolous to the point of not being bothered, but like it P.M.S. does not last for long.
I learnt that sometimes no matter how much of yourself you give, you always find more of you , that you never found before.
I learnt that I mostly have all the answers, but dont want to listen to me .
I learnt that I'm extremely lazy.
I learnt that sometimes a good cry , not only clears your sinuses , but also helps you see better.
I learnt that I  like talking to people , who can look me in the eye..
I learnt that I'm capable of silence ..
I learnt that age does not protect you from love, but love does make any age more beautiful and fun..
I learnt that the heart has a brain of its own..
I learnt that kids make me feel more secure than any man-made security system..
I learnt that you are not really able to plan the way your life goes, but you can always decide to stay happy , wherever you are.
I learnt that if you are not complete within yourself, nothing and no one can make you happy .
I learnt that I would do anything for Taz my puppy, he is a spoilt little child , and loves me the most in his life..
I learnt that you may love someone , but may not like them too much .
I learnt that love does not really fade or go away.., it just sits in a corner sometimes, because it's taking a break from all the running around it did, making a fool of itself.
I learnt that you can let people into your life, but have no control over them leaving..
I learnt that sometimes jealousy is worse than hate..
I learnt that wanting to run away to a mountain, is something that I need to do ..
I learnt that I go for a haircut, when I'm not able to change, what I want in my life..
I learnt that I sometimes say the same words my mom said to me, but it now somehow makes perfect sense..
I learnt that, I somehow like guys who have traits of my dad..
I learnt that somehow today , I'm able to boss my parents around, but not my kids..
I learnt that when I don't get my way, I get mad, but I know deep inside , I was pushing my limit..
I learnt that I love to run..
I learnt that I will exercise only on a need to basis.
I learnt that I'm a morning person on holidays only..
I learnt that I love really healthy food as much as I love junk...
I learnt that sometimes,I need to hide my phone from me, rather than my kids, because I'm far more childish than them at times..
I learnt that the month of December brings to the fore all that may not have been fantastic the whole year through.
I learned that I'm able to forgive and also forget in time.
I learnt that no matter how much I may love someone, they do not necessarily have to feel the same about me,maybe  it's just that their capacity to love must not be as much as mine..
I learnt that we all keep secrets.
I learnt that we all lie, sometimes to make somebody else  feel better and sometimes to make ourselves look better.
I learnt that I still sing better inside my head than if I open my mouth.
I learnt that , yes I still miss dancing and love it to bits.
I learnt that i do like my own company.
I learnt that you never really know anyone like you think you know them.
I learnt that I love kids and pets running around the house..
I learnt that your parents become more like your kids in time .
I learnt that I love watching movies in a theatre alone in the mornings
I learnt that shopping is more fun when I'm buying gifts..
I learnt that I completely still love champagne..
I learnt that if I'm standing against a wall, I rather find a way to climb over ,  than walking back..
I learnt that I let people walk over me, to a point..
I learnt that prayers do work miracles.
I learnt that sometimes I will put up a fight and sometimes I could not be bothered.
I learnt that to accept someone just the way they are , is the only way to really love someone.
I learnt that I completely love the cold and the smell of pine..
I learnt that some people walk in and out of your life, not because you did something wrong, but because they are frightened of staying.
I learnt that I can be very unpredictable and yet make it look like its normal.
I learnt that sometimes I can be pretty darn shameless..
I learnt that I could manipulate a situation , but it brings no real joy..
I learnt that I really don't care what anyone thinks about me as a person, if they really knew me they would not judge me..
I learnt that I still love stupid freakin love stories.
I learnt that I'm a huge hugging kind of person..
I learnt that to be able to feel free is the best kind of love possible..
I learnt that if you expect nothing, then everything in life is a bonus ..

And lastly I learnt, to never give up..
If you believe that something magical is going to happen ..
It will..
All you need is a little bit of patience...

As for resolutions, not yet found one that I want to keep, so making none..

To all my lovely friends , who read my blog and write to me...
Thank you for being part of my journey , through life into my kitchen or vice versa..
I hope to start blogging really soon, this last year has been special and I have been working on a project, that I should be able to share with all of you soon..
So I will start cooking and writing again soon..
My words is all I can give you here..
And they sometimes go away to the mountains too..ha ha ha ..

But this is going to be a special year, I can just feel it..
So a happy and blessed 2014...
Filled with love, peace and a smile that runs deep within ..


  1. happy 2014 to you too Maria.....may you always get what you need and not what you want....those are 2 different things, believe me.
    have fun in the mountains..

    1. Yes my dear Simmi...
      And a beautiful New Year ..

  2. You have courage lady, to accept the good and not so good on an even keel. Happy New Year to you! May this year be your best yet!


    1. Awwww Nandini ..
      Thank you soooo much ..
      Warmest New Year Wishes ...

    2. love is just a simple four letter word, but there is really nothing simple  about ,u nailed it again maria !
      Really inspiring post yet again..much love xox

    3. Thank you so much, and Happy New Year..

  3. Happy New Year! An amazing post to start off the year :)

    1. Thank you and a beautiful new year to you too..

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much , and a Happy New a Year..

  5. Hello Maria, I come by your blog every so now and then. I simply loved this post of yours and your simple style of putting it together. I read it from start to end and loved every line and could relate to almost 75% of them. Lovely choice of words and heart-warming some of those :) Happy New Year to you!!

    1. Thank you Nandita, hope to see you here more often ...

  6. You have penned down exactly what i feel..well, my heart do not have a brain of its own but it lubs u immensely..2014 is going to be a fabulous year for all of us..dnt knoe why..just saying..Thank u for d beautiful words..


  7. wishin you a blessed year ahead....
    and soar high
    wishin you all the best in life
    beautifull it over and over again
    awe inspiring.....emotional yet very practical
    keep writing many more such pieces

    looking forwrd
    with lots of love......sadan

  8. A Very Happy New Year from our family to yours !!! Nice to see ur post after a very long time...:) GOD BLESS !!!

  9. A Very Happy New Year from our family to yours !!! Nice to see your post aftr a long time...:) GOD BLESS..:)

  10. We are never alone Maria .. Loneliness is in the mind and never the territory of the soul ... Beautiful post , Heartfelt and True .. Have a super 2014 with much much more to share in this beautiful blog ... <3

  11. Dearo Maria,

    i wish that this year brings with it more reasons to smile, more moments to cherish, more people to love, more warm hugs, more surprises, more sparkle, more magic...... more of all things nice..!!! have an awesome blossom year ahead!!!

    *a tight hug to u*

    - :) lilo

  12. Happy new year .how ru doin ... hey if time permits .. let do a some ruffling. .lol ..honesty ... ..let me know . erica

  13. Happy new year .how ru doin ... hey if time permits .. let do a some ruffling. .lol ..honesty ... ..let me know . erica

  14. Dear Maria,

    Normally, I just read stuff and try to emulate the good that I can recall and imbibe. For a moment, I was thunderstruck, reading the lines above! Amazingly well written words coming from a soul that is clearly as noble as the soaring eagle!! Loved it, and am going to refer it to some valuable friends.

    CA Vikram Shankar Mathur

  15. Hi. your view towards life makes everything seem so beautiful :)