From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Freedom ..
That's what fills my soul..
It's a bit scary ..
But it brazenly rips through my bones..

So is freedom really as free as it makes out to be ..

I meet him often you know..
He is as beautiful as I had imagined him to be..
He makes me laugh 
He makes me shy..
He tells me stories ..
That are so amazing...
Maybe they could not be more further from the truth..
Maybe they are lies..

But do I care..
No never me..

All I want is to run away with him..
To run with the wind..
To jump into waters deep..
To lie down under a starlit sky..
And laugh till there are just sighs..
Maybe even for just a moment ..
Maybe just to feel ,what I think he feels ..

So we walked a lot 
And talked too much..
And he held my hand..
And smiled..
He looked at me in a way that burned my soul..
Tore down my defences..
Till my heart had turned molten, like liquid gold..
Our eyes spoke to each other in ways ..
We never did understand..
It was like Tony Bennett was in concert, just for us, in the grand stand..

I felt his arms 
Reach out around me..
His lips on a teasing trail to my mouth..
Soft and full of love..

I looked into his eyes..
He held my face..
And he looked deep into me..

Freedom is not free...
He had committed to never let anyone into his heart..
That was his part..
And so he was not free to love me..

The open roads he could travel, wound around him, like Medusa's curls..
And I saw freedom..
For the first time..


He was not free..
And scared with what he could feel...

But I was free , and living in the Now..
Because I could love him..
With an overwhelming love..
I could say what's in my heart..

But I stopped..

I let him go..
I let him leave..
He had his own little demons, with whom he had to deal..

He kissed me good-bye..
The softest ever felt..

But it felt like he was held back, by his commitment to never ever let him feel, more than he just felt..

I seared his soul..
I felt love oozing out of every pore of me..
I felt free..

My love , my darling freedom..
Allow yourself to feel soo deep that it  transforms your soul ..
Not just in empty words, but for real ..


  1. Back with a bang! Missed you. As usual, lovely post, Maria.

    1. Thank you Sophia ..
      And a wonderful New Year...

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  3. i like i like i like!!!!

    - lilo :)

  4. So did you end up 'capturing' freedom or set him 'free' ? Pun intended. He he he...

    1. He is free , but completely hooked onto me ...ha ha ha ...
      Happy New Year..

  5. love or freedom ? free to love or love to be free ? both are love ...... what an amazing write.... thx for sharing...

  6. Lovely post Maria!!

    ps: last night you came to visit me in my dream :)

    Take care and enjoy this beautiful time of the year>
    Niagara Falls

    1. Well hope we were eating a meal you cooked in your dream and laughing..
      Happy New Year ...

  7. Dear Maria,

    wishing you and your family a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS.......May GOD bless you with lots & lots of happiness and peace.

    1. That's so sweet ,
      Thank you and have a wonderful year ...

  8. This is such a beautiful dialogue ..and so astutely expressed .. the strength , the warmth , the love in freedom and the travel of the solitary soul in its capacity to free all that binds it in earthly endeavors is truly expressed here .. <3

    1. Thank you Alka..
      Soooo much ,
      And Happy New Year ...