From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Scars are beautiful..
Don't ask me why..
They just make you want to caress them ....
Because you know they pained you somewhere deep within ..

Some scars stay for just a little while ..
And some stay imprinted on your skin forever more..

Visible scars are a bit difficult to hide ..
But what do you do with the scars deep inside ..

How do you heal them ..
Do they ever go away ..
Or do they stay ..
As reminders of what you loved and lived  by..
Do they hurt when you walk into your heart ..
Or makes your soul  leak ,when you whisper a name ..
Does it ache when you hear a particular strain ..
Or look at a path , that you know by name ..

What do you do with scars imprinted within you ...
That no one can see..

Unless they are not frightened to look deep into your eyes ..

Pools of sparkling brown ...
No one will never know ..
Unless they are willing to drown , deep inside your soul ..

It's so easy to hide ..
What you feel inside ..

Armed with a smile as brilliant as the happy beams of the sun ..
But even the sun springs tears into your eyes if you stare into it's might...

So what do you do ..
With these scars that reside beyond layers,armours and walls ,somewhere in you..

Well sometimes its just simple enough, to just join the dots..
Make a little map..
That weaves a beautiful story of how it changed a lamb into a lioness..
The heart is still pure and innocent and glows..
But the lioness is able to defend herself when crisis does arise ..
And look after her pride..
She still treads where angels dread..
Even though she maybe frightened inside..
She walks with paws that are strong yet soft on the forest floor..
And she does not growl , till you do land up uninvited and armed at her door..

Have you ever looked into a lionesses eyes..
Pools of pure liquid gold ..
And if you are able to your stare hold..
You will see..
That she is as soft as a lamb deep inside...
And she has the same fears as you and me..

She wants to keep safe all whom she loves..
And provide..
All that she must..
To guard  the little ones with whom she hunts and rides..

Many a battle she has fought in her life..
For food, survival and ..
For Love..
And so covered with scars ..
She traverses the earth...
Many a battle she may have lost..
But she never loses ..
What she holds inside..

LIVED like only she can..
On the wild side..

I sometimes hear her purr with happiness...
Sometimes hear a cry in her voice..
Sometimes hear her roar, with all her might...
Sometimes see her play like her cubs..
Sometimes prance near the lair nearby..
Sometimes run after her kill...
And sometimes fight ...
blazing fury like  a flaming forest fire, that's uncontrollable...
Sometimes sit and stare into space and let out a cry into the wild skies..
Sometimes lick her wounds after she has been in a battle of might..
Sometimes limp away, softly whimpering, broken with life..

Not every battle is meant to be won..
Just like some hearts..

And so what we are left with sometimes ..
Are scars...

Big and small..
Deep and sometimes just skimming the surface..

But they are beautiful..
Because they are a reminder of stories you may or may not want to repeat ..
To people in life that you meet..
But it will always remind you ..
Of things you tried..
Of paths in deep forests that you were brave enough to walk..
Or when you trusted someone and you still got lost..
Of beasts that you had to face..
Or when you just felt out of place..
Of times when your insides were turned out, because you lost what you wanted to gain..
And then sometimes, because you were never actually part of the game..

Whatever they maybe..
Love them...

For I know that scars make you , who you were always meant to be ..


  1. Beautifully penned and thought out - Scars they are and as scars they shall remain as a silent reminder of a past gone by!

  2. So so so beautifuly written...loved it totally ♡♡

  3. So so so beautifuly written...loved it totally ♡♡

  4. What Ever You Write, I really Like all....Keep It Up : )

  5. Maria my love, you're too good with words! Scars(the unique ones :p) would be the only 'natural' tattoo I'd like to have!
    Hey, if I'm not wrong you had once blogged about this particular place in India, where you went with your friends- Im unsure if it was a hill station, but it was a Buddhist place...could you tell me the name if you can recollect?

    1. Thanks Martina...
      I think you are talking about my Bhutan blog...

  6. " it changed lamb into lioness" Is my fav line for im in d process of d same :o) n it was worth waiting fr dis write t share maria's new kitchenz delightful


    1. My kitchen is on hold ..
      As I still have workers in and out , but will blog soon...

  7. Turn your scars into stars....The marks humans leave are too often scars....written beautifully thx for sharing.... you are just like the nutmeg...)

  8. Ha ha ha
    I love it ..
    No one has compared me to nutmeg before ....

  9. Oh Maria once again u have nailed it...all tat we feel expressed so well....awaiting d new look kitchen tour xx

  10. Scars reminded me of my past...n yet you made me see them with pride...
    You are a beautiful person from the way you see everything with some goodness in it.