From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Friday, May 10, 2013


So I'm searching for that patch of land
Where there are no thoughts or ideas of right and wrong..
And we can just be..

A place where it does not matter who you are or where you came from..
What you do..
And who you may be..

Just a place where souls that connect can blink at the sun
And smile into each others eyes ..
And feel a heart full of love..
That costs nothing for no one one..
It's all free..

I wanna walk there one day..
I wanna sit down in this quiet..
And just inhale deep...
Breathe and heave a sigh of tranquility , from inside me, so deep ..

A place where no one knows anybody by name or their fame..
You just meet because your soul found another that resonates with the same life..
Not partners  ..
Not mates..
Just two souls who always want each other by their side..

No boundaries..
No demarcations ..
No addresses ..
No wondering why..

Just a heart full of love ..
That's all you will need..
There are no rules of engagement..

But you can only find this place ..
If there is love and peace beaming in your heart..
A place where you can just be..
You are not answerable to anybody..
You are there because of your own free will..
You do not trample on anybody..
You do not cross anyone's lines..
You never say things you do not mean ..
You never hurt another life..

It's a place where only love exists ..
And you don't have to pay a dime..

But you cannot get there to escape from reality..

It is reality of the purest kind..
Where the eyes that you meet..
Love you for you..
There is nobody else..
It's just your paradise..
Surrounded by the deep blue sea..

I have walked towards this sun kissed land..
And now I beckon you too...
If you want to really reach me..
You will have to swim across , and brave the waves..
Can you do that for me..

Yes the sea maybe rough and frighten you with the darkest fins..
But all you have to do ..
Is look for my eyes and swim...

Waiting for you at the shore..
With a heart full of love and my arms open wide..
Sun kissed face..
And hair blowing in the wind..
Lips that just want to taste the salt on your skin..

Have you ever wondered if a place such as this exists...
And if you know the address..
Why waste anymore time..
Meet me as the moon rises up into the sky..
Shiny pebbles and glistening sand..

As we walk through...
To our piece of paradise..
No mans land..
Where there is no wrong no right..
Just our hearts beating with all it's might..

That's exactly where we are meeting tonight ..
You and I...


  1. Woww..amazing, Maria ..beautiful words from a beautiful mind. I re-read the entire poem and loved & loved :)

  2. Lovely.. You do have a way with words and the dishes that you whip up are truly amazing...
    Love reading your wonderful blog
    God bless u always with happiness....

  3. Do Arshad Sir read ur blog....? If he then must say that he would feel the luckiest man in the world to have you......:)) juz what i can say.........^_^ n love u always MAM....:))

  4. Serenity in this chaotic world, happiness from within, love that knows no malice...we have to make it happen...girlfriend? your words of wisdom...xoxo

    1. I sometimes do not know whether it's wisdom , or a lust for life...

  5. Wow Maria! what a lovely piece of writing! Can I quote this in my group discussion because it fits so well with the theme of social justice and equality :)
    I was having trouble understanding some complex concepts of Foucault but your simple poem made it so easy for me to understand what Foucault tried to say...there is no single truth...Truth is a social construction and there is no right or wrong. Power, knowledge and discourse shape us as individuals and its very critical for us to understand the complexities and multiplicities of truth. If we are able to respect and recognize the truth and realities if others..only then we may see 'that patch of land' where there are no thoughts or ideas of right and wrong..
    And we can just be..
    love xxx
    Niagara Falls

    1. Yes of course you can quote this in your discussion, it's my pleasure to be read out by someone who appreciates and understands it ..
      Please do ...
      Thank you again..

  6. Just amazing! You speak my heart out :)

    1. Wow.. Just reading your amazing poem and imagining it soothes my heart and gives me a sense of tranquility! Thank You!

  7. Only a beautiful / happy heart can ever write such heart touching words...your words always touch me deep.

  8. <3 <3 . . I got goosebumps while reading it . . amazing thoughts put up using amazing words . . :) :)

  9. Nice food for thought,a very good read.
    The moment I read this I was reminded of a Rumi quote which goes like:
    'Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing,
    there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
    When the soul lies down in that grass,
    the world is too full to talk about.
    Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
    doesn’t make any sense.'

    1. Thank you ...
      And yes I do love Rumi....

  10. Full of energy & a lovely smile :)

  11. Came across this blog. Your words have left soft footprints on my heart. Lovely blog you got going here!! :)

  12. Dude u have reached another level of writing!!! It Is amaaaaaaaaaazing n beyond words t tell u hw good it Is!

  13. You should launch a book compiling all ur blog posts...cant get over this beautiful written piece

    1. Ha ha ha Aashi...
      Thank you sooo much ...

  14. These are such lovely words Maria...

    I have always enjoyed your blog posts with my friends here in New York....your recipes/posts always take me home for some reason :)

    Stay gorgeous forever just like you are..!!