From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, May 27, 2013


 So am I holding on to a song..
That was never even a tune..
It had no beginning..
So it's never going to end..
But the tune still plays in my head ..
It haunts me while I sit alone..
It sometimes stops my smile..
It sometimes makes me cry from deep within..
And sometimes makes me sigh..

While I walk around bustling roads..
This tune walks with me..
It sometimes makes me stop in my tracks..
And sometimes makes me look into my heart..
That has a few cracks..

And so while I play music aloud to drown the tune playing in my heart...
It stops for a while..
And then starts again to a thunderous applause...
It plays without a need for an audience...
And says I'm it's only muse and fan ..

I have closed my eyes and ears tight shut..
To stop the words of the song from penetrating into my being ..
But it us now part of my breath..

So I'm giving in..

It hums to me things that I was clueless about....
It tells me about places, I have only dreamt about
It leads me to paths that are bathed in moonlight..
And drives me through pine trees in the cold night air..
And drags me out to meet , who I would no longer dare ..

I don't want to hear this anymore...
Because though it's a beautiful melody..
It haunts me with things, I rather forget ..

So what do I do with you..
You lurking silent tune..

I don't know..
Somedays I just can't hear a thing..
And some days it plays all day long..
Like a tune stuck on a loop..

Well I'm just going to breathe..
In and out ..
Because there is nothing else I can do ...

So I'm spring cleaning..
My heart and my home..
Taking out everything..
That I have not seen in long..
What you do not look for you actually do not need ..

So starting
With tangible goods ..
And then will talk myself out of all stuff intangible that I'm holding on to ..

Let it go ..
If something goes away easily..
I guess it never wanted stay ..

And like we all know
What does not come back
Was never yours to ever hold on to ..

So I'm letting go ..
Leaving me be..
What stays with love..
Is what will bring peace..
What does not feel right..
Don't hold with all your might..
Because you know somewhere deep.
That if you release .is never coming back ..
So you sometimes hold on , out of fright..

But sometimes..
You need to shut a door..
And if it comes back through a window into your heart..

Do what you think is right..
Let the music play...
Close dance for another day..
Look into the mirrors of each others souls ..
You know you will see the truth ..

As for the song that's playing in my head..
I'm taking it with me to sleep..
Gonna close my eyes and just breathe it in deep ..
Who knows what tomorrow brings ..

As for now I'm just going to ..
Stay quiet..
And just be ..


  1. I come here..and find myself...
    You are amazing Maria....and you know it!!!!


  2. Thanks for sharing these soul searching thoughts with us. let the music play on and the songs shall stay on. New ones will join the old ones already playing in the mental jukebox.

  3. Waiting waiting for d next write up