From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, January 24, 2013


So what do you do if the one you love does not love you back ..
Do you give up just like that ..
Or do you stay ...
Till the pain goes away ...
And there is a love that grows ..
That is more mature...
That does not need a reason...
A season..
Or any known  concession...
That gives you reasons why...
About how it should all fall in place...

The right place for all of us ...
Is exactly where we are right now..
And if that does change ...
Then go with the flow ..
You cannot mess with karma's  path no more..

You walk ...
You run...
You stay in the glow of the sun...
And when it rains,
You let it pour ...
Let it cleanse and scrub you clean...
And get you ready for what spring is to bring ...
The bees and the birds ...
And flowers all dressed to sing..
When winter comes cold and white..
Just walk to where you want to go ..
You know there are no footprints left in the snow..
So be who you want to be..
Love like no other can do ...
You cannot make plans ..
That's the only way ,you know..

But dream you can ..
And if you dream of happiness and peace ..
Then that will be ..
Of love and all it holds ..

Actually love holds nothing..
But roams free..
And that's why it touches you and me ..
So open your heart ..
Open your soul ..
Love like there will always be more..
You may or may not feel it returned ..
But does that mean you stop the flow ..
I really do not think so ..

So  while my  world sleeps and some part awakens to a new day ..
All I have to say ..

Is do what makes you happy ..
Do what makes your heart soar ..
Do not hurt anyone ..
Because that's not the way it works anymore ..

Love like its going to never end ..
Like this is just the beginning of a beautiful blend ..
Of difference of opinions ..
Of hearts that beat at a different time..
Of language  that may not understandable..
But set in today's time ..
That rings out more than you can ever feel in this life time ..

It's not about just bodies lost in a mist ..
But souls entwined ..and so if we can ever make sense of this ..
We could try and understand what the divine has in store for us in this life time ..

Found this on it ...

I don't know about you ...
But I still feel love , as intoxicated as wine ..
And so I sleep ..
And know ..
That when I do  wake up to a new day ..
Love will jump into my arms and stay ..


  1. This is so intense yet humbling. You have captured the feeling in the spirit that it should be. Loved it!!

  2. It's like you directly talking to me right nw..
    Needed this.. Thanks Maria! You always bring a smile to my face..

    1. Dear Soniya,
      if I can make at least one person smile...
      I'm happy...

  3. Hi Maria, very nice thoughts, but it's being long that you have not share any recipe, please post some i always try what you have earlier posted and my family liked .

    1. Dear Sujata,
      I have been busy with a project so thats why i have not been able to post any food..

  4. Hi maria very nice thoughts, Its been long that you have not shared any recipe, do post some as i always try what you have posted earlier and my family loved it. Looking for some nice recipe.

  5. This is fabulous. I cannot get over just how smoothly and swiftly you have penned this. You really do have a gift Maria.

  6. Beautiful! Has all the answers we repeatedly seek! More creativity to you always!!

  7. Maria,

    Beautiful thoughts. Love the fall colours and the beautiful you. The right place and the right time will never come and so i must be happy wherever i am and at that time . So holding that thought forward, i shall now step out in to -20 degree celcius and go get the kids and then get into mommy mode and take them for skating lessons. Kabir does not go for skating and does not even like to sit in the arena so my chalu bhalu arranged a playdate for himself to escape the cold. Bye for now and send some sunshine on a trip to the north.

  8. this is so fudgeing amazing! d backgroud..the pic..the font n ur thoughts...i sooo wish t meet u someday so that u rub off ur "always in love" feeling on me..lots of happiness n love for u n ur loved ones...and yes WINTER ALWAYS TURNS TO SPRING...xoxo

    1. Dear Aashi,
      Fudgeing is a word i love ..
      Thank you

  9. oh really lyrical and felt as if I heard you sing this prose while reading it....beautiful as you:)

    1. Unfortunately I do not sing too well..
      ha ha ha

  10. maria

    you look so full of energy and grace...your blog is really made me feel that we should always love what we made me smile! you are blessed n i really wanna meet some day in my life..lotsss of love to you keep blogging coz we love you

  11. Love these lines...You know there are no footprints left in the snow..
    So be who you want to be..
    Love like no other can do ...
    You cannot make plans ..
    That's the only way ,you know ...

    Beautifully written...Love and hugs Maria!


  12. I love this poem a lot. Your words are as beautiful as you are.