From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, January 28, 2013


And so does love last ..
Or does it go away ..
To roam the by lanes of time
And come back another day ..

Or does it go ..
Because it never felt ..
A heart full of love ...
Or did...
And did not know what to do ...
With all the love that was running so deep...

We all love in varying degrees..
Some love more some love less..
Some pretend, because that's what they can do best ..
Some open your heart and just then go away,
Never intending to ever love you any way ,
Some love you forever more ,
Some stay on the border , too frightened to jump in ...
Some never want to lose control , so keep it all stored in ..

As for me ..
I do not know how to do things less ..

When I love ..
It will never be like the rest ..
It will always be a carnival that goes on ..
And spoils you forever more,
Because it indulges you for all the right reasons and through various seasons ..
With the rising sun..
And the blue moon ..
The music will play ..
And go on for more than a day ..
It will sometimes change tempo ..
And be a bit mellow ..
And sometime envelope you like a whirlwind ..
Stir up your senses and suddenly be as calm as breaking dawn ..

This love of mine ..
I find it hard to hide ..
So I have just left my heart open now ..
So when you look at me ..
You can see it shinning ..
Through my eyes..
My tanned skin..
My wind blown hair ..
My breath sometimes, so still ..

And I'm at peace ..
With what it has done to me ..
Kept me sane in this insanity ..
Has given me wings, if I need to fly ..
And warm hands that can lull a child ..
It has given me a smile that stays no matter what ..
Because it has started from deep within ..
So how can I not ..

So when I look at this full moon ..
I think of the moons that have gone by ..
That we looked at ..
As it wandered by ..
Made plans ..
And laughed about silly things ..
Not ever worried about what tomorrow brings ..

It does not matter ..
Because everything is always just a moment away ..
Nothing is really here to stay ..
Not the joy neither the pain ..
You cannot hold on to time , that's not life's game ..
Nothing will be ..
Not even you and me ..

But everything comes full circle in this lifetime ..
Just like the moon ..
That is smiling down from today's skyline ..

Laden with love ..
And secrets that my heart just shares with him ..
It's like he knows my dark side..
And still wants to be my friend ..

So I stay safe under his  loving gaze ..
And caresses, keep away the chill..

Because I know ..
That he may go ..
But will come back soon..
To look into my eyes and see love staring back at him ..


  1. I feel love the exact same way u desribe it

    Here's to love... Eternally

  2. There can’t be anything called ‘Too much Love’. Either embrace all of it, or stay bereft any of it.

  3. quite like i felt looking at the full moon night of my last Vipassana night.
    I liked your previous background of the page too with you doing yoga perhaps with sundays fleeting in. is it possible to have that picture of you back on the page?

    1. but that was your picture doing the yoga right?
      i am obsessed with it! :)

  4. just like life, love is also eternal..thanks for the blog

  5. Simply superrrrb! so fresh, so subtle...nice writing

  6. omg..maria..i hv written this before but still i m going to say this again..words written by u feel as if cming frm my heart :)
    and ur blog made me discover d joy of cooking two years ago..though dont cook frequently but always have a twinkle in my eye ..smtimes just to feel good, i go thru ur blog and read the already read posts again:)