From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, January 14, 2013


So has love visited you this year..
How many times in a life time do you meet her..
Have you ever wondered about her stay..

How did she come your way..
Was it destiny ..
Or Karma's play...

Or just a walk through your life ..
Like a beautiful summer breeze ..
Filled with flowers that she brings ..
To brighten your day..
Her tinkling laughter..
And her wind blown hair..
Her eyes all shiny..
That it just took your breath away ..

Did she tap you on your shoulder ..
While you searched left and right..
Did she stare back into your eyes..
With eyes shinning so bright..
Did she want to jump into your arms..
Regardless of what tomorrow brings..
Did she make you strum songs, about the most wonderful things..
Did she make you feel..
Like she has never met another so rare..
Did she open her heart to you without a care..
Did she hover around , playing with your heart strings, while you tried to go to bed..
Did she wake you up in the morning, playing with the curls on your head..
Did she pull your covers,while you tried to snuggle in your warm bed..
Beckoning you to join her run in the sunshine ahead..
Did she ask for your time, while you were busy with life..
Did she just sit with flowers in her hand on your porch, while the day turned to night...
Did she take you on adventures through foreign lands never roamed..
Did she just sit in her world while you sipped wine at home..
Did she call out your name in the middle of the night ..
Looked at you with her sleepy eyes, and drowned you in her love with all her might ..

Did she listen to your dreams and about all your cares..
Did she laugh at you as you chased her with different dares...

Did she ever tell you that she does love you so ..

And what did you do ?0
Well I do not need to know...

We all feel love in many different ways..
What we do with love ..
Is not for me to say ...

But let me tell you so ..
If you do find love, that wonderful crazy girl called love..
Never let her go ..

Because she will stay in your thoughts forever more..
All of us meet her at least once in a big way ..

And if you are those rare few that meet her again.....
With the same smile and that infectious laugh , that drives you insane.....
You are blessed to feel that way ..

So smile back at her...
She came back for you..maybe because she just changed her mind , and wanted to be by your side..

So walk with her..
Leaving what happened in the past behind..
A path anew..
Up a winding stair that is spanking new..
Hold her close ..
Take her breath away ..
She is here for you ..
So don't be frightened to let her stay...

She wants nothing...
Just for you to feel love anew ...


  1. Beautiful words maria..... If only everyone welcomed LOVE in their life.....!

    1. Thanks Jhumz...
      Don't know about everyone else, but you just do ..

  2. Lovely words from a lovely hearted person.....hope love stays with all of us thru out n becomes our strength ......:-) :-)

  3. Wonderful !! I cannot say nothing I hve no words

  4. M !! Wonderful I hve no words u just describe everything so perfectly love u soooooo much

    1. Miss you Durrain,
      And the wonderful time we always had together...

  5. Amazingly well put! Just loved it Maria. Congratulations on this brilliant work.

  6. heart warming...and finally love visited me this year but not able to understand if it is karma's play!

  7. Maria,

    Love has come and keeps on coming. I am very lucky I must say
    It also comes looking for everyone else, if you find her, don't let her go. Just like you say.
    She came when i was waking up and the sun smiled at me from a grey winter sky.
    She called out to me whe the little ones decided to start the day and how else but a great big hug to mom.

    But love also decides to come in other forms cause she just loves (Love loves.. can you imagine)to play that game of hide and go seek.
    That person who wants to smile and speak to you and you go, yaar phir aa gaya chipku. You never know. He or she smiles at you cause you make her day. Love mught be lurking there. I say.
    That time when the kids wanted to show you something. that very very important thing (to them ofcourse) and you had to rush somewhere with that list of yours. the list of things to do. Love was calling out loudddddd then.
    Love comes knocking when friends coming walking to share their day and stories over a cup of chai, coffee or a corona maybe...
    I am not waiting for the biggest love stroy to happen (Oh Wait. that already happened just around when DDLJ released)
    I am now striving to win at this game of hide and go seek with love. Finding her at whatever nook and corner that she might be and pocketing that moment. Ka ching. I win.

    1. Dear Sneha,
      Lotsa love to keep your madness intact ...

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  9. this is very simply and beautifully written. Most people need names for relationships and love, without really feeling the depth and warmth in its entirety. thanks for sharing. Deeksha

  10. love said in different ways -Love so true... beautiful poem:)

  11. beautiful poem.. i wish love visits everyones life as its the most wonderful feeling.

  12. very beautiful poem.. love should visit everyone's life as its the most lovely feeling.