From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, November 8, 2012


And I spin a tale ..
A tale of you and me ..

Of how we met and then beget...
The moments that were once we...

Why do we meet ...
If its only to be a fleeting moment in this universe ..

It's to tell us that "me" will always stay "me" ..
And we is just the opposite ..
Which goes back in time ..

Love ..
I meet you every day ..
Entwined in spaces , that have to change ..
In eyes that I have known in this small life-time ..
But appear new ..
Is it playing tricks, this heart of mine ..?

Do you walk down that windy road ..
And look at flowers that have now closed ..
As winter is setting in ..

Do you look up at the sky ..
Or at a photograph on your phone ..
And find me smiling at you in life's everyday things ..

I have settled in my favourite place ..
The crook of your neck ..
And inhale you ..
With every breath ..

I'm never letting you go ..
Just stay in this heart of mine ..

It's time ..
For abducting my heart for thine ..
For seeping through every corner of my soul ..
For robbing me blind of the love I had inside ..
And making you mine ..

I don't know if I could ever let go ..
Of what you have stamped on my heart and my soul ..
Moments that can never be measured in this life time ..

Half yours and half mine ..

So when you look deep into my eyes..
What do you see..
Do you search for that girl ..
Who just blurts everything out ..
Like it is free ..

Well my love for you is quite like that ..
Free to run ..
And free to be with you ..
Free to share with you all my smiles ..
That run through field's and with gurgling brooks for miles and miles ..

But now I just want to sit home ..
On the steps ..
Where we smiled ..
Look at the moon ..
And laugh about our lives ..
Entwined and yet separately defined ..
I will always stay in that corner of your heart ..
Come what may ..
It's really not up to you ..
If I decide to stay ..
And every time you tend to forget ....
You will feel a tug ..
That is me sitting and pulling your heart strings and acting all smug ..

All is fair in love and war ..
And it should always be so .
How else will you get me to say ..

'That I really do love you so'


  1. Maria !! U cow ur making me cry !! I love u sssooo much !!

    1. Awww Durrain,
      Love is supposed to only make you smile ...
      Tight tight hugs ...

  2. "Moments that can never be measured in dis lyf time
    Half urs and half mine"
    [Ma'am,pichla janam aap pukka shakespeare hoyengi..malum??]

    wow..!! no words actually
    what u say that word..ya..Siempre[dnt knoe the meaning though..but sounds good..hehe]
    stay blessed alwayz..


    1. Siempre means always..
      And thank you for visiting

  3. its sooo serene.. beautiful.. love the lines.I have settled in my favourite place ..
    The crook of your neck ..
    And inhale you ..
    With every breath ..

  4. Dear Maria

    Separately entwined is entwined so beautifully...I wonder how you manage to be sooo full of love..

  5. Dear Maria,

    Have been a fan since your MTV days...but this blog is making me fall in love over and over again with your beautiful soul. Have been reading and re-reading this for the past half an hour and everytime, I seem to discover something new from this post. May you always stay blessed. An inspiration....hugs


    1. Dear Prachee,
      Thank you so much , you just made me feel awesome ...