From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, November 5, 2012


Africa is a place I could easily call home ..
Because what it has is a myriad soul ..
That runs deep , runs wild ...
With so much to give and so much, it yet hides ..

I just set foot upon its soil ..
And has sparked off a smile deep within me that runs for miles ..
My gypsy heart sparkles like its dark summit stones..

A sky filled with clouds that protect you ..
And the mountains beckon you ..
The people warm and welcoming ...
And smiles that feel true ..

The skies at night sit around you , like a tiara of sparkling lights ..
I felt so completely overwhelmed...
So breathless with the sight..
A blanket of stars ..
That shine so bright!

I looked at this beautiful sky and thought of you ..
I wondered ...
Do you also think of me ...
When you see this sight ..

I looked up ..
I could grab a star..
It was so close
And yet so far ..

So sent a little note through the sky that shone so dark and yet so bright ....
I hope it reached you , in all it's sparkling might ..

I wrapped in it all my love ..
Which will always keep you warm
And away from any harm..
I sent you the tightest hugs..
But no kisses ..
Thought , I will surrender them, when I see you ..

So as I sat looking at the moon..
I just felt enveloped with love ..
Just thanked the one above ..
For all I have and all he gives to me everyday...
Whether I ask him or just anyway ..

I love, the love that surrounds me ..
And keeps me warm ..
The smiling faces, that wait for me ..
When this journey is done ..
To the spirit that lifts my soul and lets me soar ..
To the infinite love ..

That runs through my pores ..

And then I think of you ..
I just say a silent good night..
I know you can always feel me near..
Even though, I'm out of sight ..

No words
Can ever be enough ..

To Africa..
The place I can easily call home..

And to you ..
I don't have to say it..
You must already know..
You are the one I love ..


  1. its so beautifully written!! <3 it

  2. its like we all know what love feels like when we r in love. But you express it best...with ur simple words....which makes it perfect because love is simple if we dont complicate it, right?