From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

TO LOVE ....

Today as I sit smiling in my world..
My heart full of wonder, peace and calm...
I look up at the naughty moon ..And think of the time gone by..

I wonder how I reached this place ,,
Was it co-incidence or was Karma at play..
I look at the the little hands and little feet and , thank God for this most wonderful treat..
I think of my friends , both close by and the ones that live far and wide..
And feel so shiny and happy and blessed inside..
I sometimes feel a bit surreal to wake up to this wonderful world..
Filled with the ones that make my life brighter each day..
Not by doing anything..
But by being who they are...
And just want it to stay away ..

I know the most constant thing in life is change..
And I always welcome it with open arms..
Maybe not so willingly always..
But I am accepting of what will be ...
Its better that way... .
I have realised in life, that God sometimes does not answer my prayers ..
Does not give me what I ask for..
Only to give me much more than I could ever expect in one life time..

Faith , Hope and Love..
That's how I live my life..

I have faith, that whats good for me. is what will come my way..
I live in hope that when I wake up , my day will always be better, than the one that just went away.. ..

And as for "love" ...
Well I feel it everyday..
In tiny things, in some paths and many different ways..
It wakes me up to early mornings ..
And sometimes keeps me awake at night ..
It plasters a big grin on my face..
And sometimes makes me really naughty , instead of very nice...
It makes my heart burst with stars and wonderful things..
It makes me blush ..
Just....even before I can think ...
It keeps me safe..
It makes me run wild..
It makes me most grown -up sometimes and also as fearless as a child..

And with this love, I welcome the sun..
Because I know, it means spending time with the ones I love..
The warmth in their eyes..
The smile on their lips..
The kind of embraces, that most could only wish ..

I give in to life..
I bow down to love...

To lead me where it may go...
I know I'm loved..
And with that thought I fall asleep ..
Under a sky that thunders and rains..

With each sleepy breath..
I whisper his name...

Its wonderful to be loved ..
That's all that really matters ..
At the end of the day...

And so if you find a love so deep ..
Don't be worried . about what it may bring...
Love is all about the little things...

It wants no material possessions or gains..
It just wants to feel love reflect back again..
Like waves lapping on an ocean floor..
They have to meet , not just once..
But forever in this one life time..
And so I will meet love forever more..
He is just always knocking at my door...

So now I'm going to sleep with all this love surrounding me..
And hope that what I feel reflects in the eyes that I love..

To a world getting ready to sleep and the other half that wakes.
I hope you find the love ..
That makes your day ...

To time and all it brings..
Love, joy, heart-aches, healing and the search for the eternal, in little things..

Lets keep our hearts warm no matter what..
And keep looking at the sun ..
And all shadows will fall behind us...

To love ..
The most "splendoured" of all things..


  1. The only thing that makes everything beautiful in this world is love...I agree with you on the part where u said that sometimes God does not give u want u want...because he has something better in store for u...and that u only realize with time..I believe that u should love with all ur heart, give as much as u can, be kind, caring & understanding, stay humble, and thank god for every little blessing...and not let worldly problems change that..

  2. Hello pahadi ladki

    On your way to becoming a pahadi ladki from a sheher ki ladki. But always with a heart of gold. Faith hope and love. Yes that is what is life. I went camping with a whole bunch of mu gujju bhais and bens this long thanksgiving weekend (Yes! Canadians celebrate thanksgiving in Ocotber). There is this small Town two hours north of toronto called Dorset. it was heaven seeing the lovely colors of fall. Coincidently the group that I went with were mostly from Africa. Tanzania, Kampala, Sudan, uganda, nairobi.Also another friend's friend climed kili in August this year. She was raising money for a hospital's new wing to be built. Go ahead my friend and climb. For hope, faith and lots of love... that you spread with your blogs and the way you keep on ecploring new things.

    1. Dear Sneha,
      Its always heartwarming to read what you write...
      And thank you for all the encouragement...
      Will post pics of the climb , when I'm back

  3. Maria..I absolutely love reading your blog as well as tweets.. You seem to be the most genuine person around... :)

    Lots of good wishes for your climb to mt.kilim. Go for it!


    1. Dear Manali ,
      That's is such a beautiful thing to say ..
      Thank you so much ...
      Hope I can live by it truly ..

  4. M its wonderful love it keep it going !!! love u n miss u tonnes

    1. Durrain,
      Oh my God ...
      Thank you sooooo much ...
      And just stay happy .....

  5. Hi Maria
    Though many of us know what it is to love and be loved back..... You put it so simply n beautifully.

  6. I read your blog long time back and then i got busy in life. Today out of blue I remembered you and here I was again. Last time when I visited your blog, I thought you only writes about food (which is fine with me as I am a big foodie) but never knew you have a talent for poetry also. I loved this post specially because it is very near to my heart. Keep writing. I would love to read more of your writings. :)

  7. dear maria, you are by all means god's favourite child ,that is why he made you the way you are,so full of love.may u be blessed now n always :)