From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm just going to sleep now ..
With you in my head ..
Wondering what are you doing ..
And how you spending your day ahead ..
I miss you sometimes even before you go away ..
So can you just imagine what I will feel if you go away ..

I'm not perfect ..
Far from the word as can be ..
But there is a bond I feel that ties you to me ..
A bond I feel like I have never felt ..
Maybe I'm just making this all in my head ..

Because we are all molecules in space ..
That collide and divide , or sometimes merge ..
Is that not what our universe is made of ..
Molecules and dust in space ..

And in that space ..
I found my moment ..
I found a time ..
Where I met me and you ..
Where I walked hand in hand to the rainbows end ..
Made plans that never condensed ..
They just evaporated in the atmosphere ..
While we watched clouds go by ..
While summer showers rained on our happy laughing heads..
And we gazed at each others face ..
With a supernatural force enclosing us in am embrace ..

Now is that not the most beautiful place to be ..
Wrapped up in the eyes of the one that makes your heart beat ..
As wild as the drums of the ancient sun ..
When all that matters ..
Is that moment ..
That stood still ..
In time ..
Where I knew without a doubt..
I am yours and you are mine ..