From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, August 26, 2012


No I don't think of you anymore ..
But I don't think of you any less ..
You keep walking along all the paths in my head ..
Through little corners and crooks in my heart ..
That you know so well ..

Every time I walk towards the sea ..
I see you smile at me...
Can I please be left alone for a little while ..

I need to sit and sort my soul ..
I don't want to melt into your eyes ..
And hear your heart beat like that song I love ..
Your arms wrapped around me ..
And that knowing indulgent laugh in your smile ..

Listen to the river babble about conversations we have ..
Or let the raindrops fall in my lap...
Or inhale you so deep ..
That my heart just cries ..

I  feel like a willow in the wind ..
But all I want is to stand still ..
And figure. if what I see is true ..
If the heart beat I hear is just mine ..

Whispers in the wind ..
Hover over a still lake ..
Where I wash my face ..
And let the trees envelope me in their shade ..
I let the wind play with my hair ..
And blown petals caress my face ..

I sit alone ..
Not a soul in sight ..
There never was anyone really ..
Just my foot steps in hindsight ..
And the company of my imagination, burning bright ..
A mirage of something I thought was real ..
While I walked in the sands for a long time ..
As my feet began to get tired and worn ..

I hear you calling my name ..
Soft like a song in the mist ..
So I walk up and follow your voice ..
I can't see anyone ..
But I have no choice ..
I can't give up on a mere hunch ..
That I may not find you there ..
Because my heart is filled with love ..
And I don't care ..

I will walk ..
I will climb..
I will swim..
I will run ..
And when all is done ..
I will sit in silence ..
And wrap myself in you ..
And all that I hold , as true ..

With love from me to you ...



  2. Maria,

    All that you share and always say, it does reach all the people that want to take it. Thanks. For the blog, the recipies and the pep talks. BTW, I MADE THE PIZZETTEs. Me, I the madanban who has the highest screwing up ratio of pizza dough and pizza made them. The hot stuff blog looked so delish, i had to try it and it came out veryyyy well. I will now tweak it with quinoa flour and spelt flour. let you know how it turns out.

    1. I guess it does touch the hearts of some ...

    2. Yes, it does... So, keep writing - and stay strong and NEVER give up your faith. Don't know why - but just felt like sharing it.


  3. beautiful... i had to read it over..and over...and over again!! its lovely...

  4. Wow!!! Maria ....
    Beautiful wordings!!! Loved it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. This touched my heart..its felt like u expressed my thoughts and emotions...<3 thank u :)

  6. Maria,
    You manage to express what so many of us feel, but dont have words for. Its beautiful, sad, touching, and full of love all at the same time.
    Only someone who has loved and lost can write like this and truly appreciate the beauty of it.
    Your writing makes the heart ache... a sweet kind of ache that you want to get over, yet fear to let go of. Sigh!
    Keep Writing...


    1. Dear swati,
      Thank you so much ..
      The most beautiful thing about love is that it stays always, if it were real ..
      So you cannot really lose it ..

  7. Dear Maria,

    I am always waiting for your blog, rightly said by Swati that you effectively manage to express what so many of us feel, but want able to say. I like your blog very much, it not only beautiful but very encouraging & motivative........keep writing.


  8. Beautiful...truly sublime...
    Chanced upon your blog and fell in love with it instantly.