From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Silence comes suddenly and rare..
It happens mostly, when you actually dare to care ..
When you are filled with  a breeze so bold ..
That it just disperses the chill in the air ..

It happens when you have no way out ..
Just do a round about and walk straight in ..
And look at the mirror in your soul ..
Look into your eyes deep ..
And talk to all the dragons you keep ..
They are not all as dangerous you see ..
But the one that bites needs to be set free..
It makes absolutely no sense to hurt anymore..
Or have wounds that have to heal ..
Or scars of another time ..
In this one life time ..

In life's travel  we may learn a thing or two ..
But mostly ,I learned that , you must walk with an open heart and mind ..
And don't leave the ones you love behind ..
They may not be all you want them to be ..
But that's how the world is ..
I can't be you ..
And you can't be me ..

We merge like a complicated puzzle in time ..
Because we really are all connected by the divine ..
Seven degrees of separation , may seem like a life time ..
But we are all deemed to cross each other once ..

Now it's up to you , smile or walk past ..
Or stop and make a connection if you care ..

This world presents us with fortunes ...
That are deemed to come our way ..
What we make of those ..
Is something no one can say ..
Not even the wise ones we know ..

Well equipped with all we need and bestowed with all we deserve ..
We walk each day into this world ..
And a few lucky ones , find their soul ..
Deep inside, the inside of deep ..
Where there can be nothing but the truth we keep ..
Where you can do nothing , but stand bare under the gaze of your souls embrace ..
There is nothing more beautiful than facing your own truth ..
Though it's daunting at first ..
It has the most peaceful face..

And as you walk to the center ..
It feels all safe and warm ..
And you are surrounded with tolling bells ..
Of a beautiful morn ..
A song of words that tell you a tale ..
About just you ,as life calls your name ..

So seek what you are looking for ..
Don't give up ..
Sometimes all the words in the world , are not enough ..
Because that's what they are words ..
That may or may not be true ..

But your life is about reality ..
That's the only truth ..

So walk up that mountain you always wanted to climb..
Jump into the sea, while the sun sleeps..
Kick up your heels and dance in the rain ..
Sleep among flowers ..
And let snow flakes caress your face ..

Embrace all that is good ..
Stay happy ...
Spread smiles..
Stay with what is true in your soul ..
And remember its the only one , who will never lie ..
Even if sometimes you want it to..

But be brave and and walk with a smile ..
And you will feel your aura surround you with a protective shine ...


  1. Thoughts put together in sucha beautiful way...all d best Maria...the cause is great...go for it!!! Stay blessed...

  2. Very well put.. Something deep inside turned a lil!! All d best! Extremely proud of you and others!! Way to go woman! :)

  3. All the best god bless love u mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

  4. All the best god bless love u mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

  5. The goodness and simplicity in your post is amazing..... Keep writing. All the best n lots of love.

  6. Lovely words Maria. As always you posts make me ponder, make me makes all this reading worthwhile. Keep writing.

    1. Sometimes, no words flow,
      but its thanks to all the encouragement...

  7. was amazed with the simplicity of the blog yet so very stunning. Sumptuous food..Happy Cooking.

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    Would be looking forward to hear from you,
    Nandita :)

    1. Dear Nandita, yes ,
      I would love to do something , with you guys ...

  9. Your blog is unbelievable and worth reading a million times.. Love the way you narrate the recipes, makes it soo much fun rather than monotonous rules and methods to follow...
    Thank you and Good Luck <3

    1. Dear S,
      ha ha ha rules,
      Im not very good with them ..

  10. Loved these lines...walk with open mind n true..i jus love reading al ur blogs..thankyou so love to zene n zeke :)

    1. Dear Fiza,
      Thank you so much , for visiting ...