From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, July 9, 2012

WHAT I WANT ......

I walk with you ..
I talk to you ..

I give you my smile ..
Because I seem to smile most when I'm with you..

I give you the songs that sing in my heart ..
I dance with you all the time, to moves ,that are as familiar as the mountain paths....

I give you my laughter..
I give you my bashfulness..
I give you my impulsiveness too..
I give you all the words that cease to flow, when I look at you ..

I waltz through your dreams with you, through my adventures ...
Of places and peaks..
And all the wondrous creatures I meet ..

I send you the feel of the sand, grainy and raw..
And tell you of fish that swim in two's, as I dive towards the ocean floor...

The touch of flowers..
Wild and free..
The freshness in the air, as it passes through me...

I send you the dew, that's rests on my face , as I lie down into the earths embrace....
I send you the green, that's basking on the trees ..
And soft showers that pass by me...

I send you the aromas of the earth ..
I send you drops,  that sparkle out of my eyes , as I squint at the blazing sun, in azure skies..

I give you hugs , that are meant, only for you...
When my day is done ..

I send you my heart beat ..
It's not that you don't have your own..
But just so that you know how it feels ..
When I sit with my thoughts, sipping green tea alone ..

I give you my mornings..
Filled with rain and the sun peeping through ..
I send you twilight, when all is so golden and true..
My evenings, have your name scribbled on the setting sun ..

I send you my sky..
Where at the moment , no stars I can see..
Because I sent them all to you ..
And left none for me ..
I share with you the moon..
Who knows it all..
Who speaks to us when all is calm...

I send you my dreams filled with skies so blue..
And fields of gold..
Where I sit and talk to you

Maybe all that I have sent you ..
May be too much ,for you to hold ..

But take it all..
It means nothing , if not shared with the one, I adore..

And if you are wondering ..
What I want from "You" ..

Well ..
Nothing ...
You just be you ..

And so,take my heart..
If you want that too....


  1. AWESOME WORDS........^_^ :* N LOVED YOUR PIC.....:))

    1. Thanks Disha ..
      You are too nice ..

    2. not more thn u mam...^_^ u r too too tooo tooo nice......:) love u...:))

  2. You are Superb Maria... I am a die hard fan of you since your Most Wanted Days at MTV.. when I was in my school.... :). If only Arshad have spared you I would have given away my life.... :D :D

  3. And I am giving u virtual hugs..for always brightening my day with ur posts! :)

  4. Superbly written, the last lines are touching!!!

  5. Dear Robert ..
    Even I love those lines ...

  6. Beautiful. "I give you my laughter..
    I give you my bashfulness..
    I give you my impulsiveness too..
    I give you all the words that cease to flow, when I look at you "

  7. those last lines are just amazing... this very lovely nd u r pic is very beautiful :)

  8. Dear Maria,

    There was nothing to say when i saw this blog. It was all good and nice. SO read it. and then yesterday saw your blog being executed. It was the hardest thing to watch. Ettie said her good byes to Morton and i was there. She gave him all her love which she always had and sent him off on a picnic to the stars and the moon. My Ettie who i can't imagine without mort cause they were two peas in a pod. chalk and cheese, i know I know different. that's how they were. The always stylishly put together ettie with the gruff but lovalble mort. What do you do when you see lovers like them being torn apart, They had all these plans still in place. cities to visit and people to meet. So I watched as she stood there brave as she could be, her heart was gone that i could see.

    1. Dear Sneha,
      I have no clue at all..
      About who you are talking about ..
      But they sound like they should be together ..
      At least for a while .. If not a forever ..

  9. maria, when i was a kid i'd see you on MTV...just came across your blog..this is more than just poetry, its my marriage of four the long futile lonely hours....this is what i would want to serene, it had a calming effect on me...keep writing...because somehow somewhere you are making a difference :)....
    PS: you'd never know just how much :)

    1. Dear Priyanka,
      That is the nicest thing , that has been said to me , thank you...

  10. ahh que linda ... Escribes muy bien ... !:)

  11. Hey Maria

    Loved every line of what u wrote ..........also ur entire comes straight from the heart or perhaps from the deeepest corner of your heart.......i truly love ur spirit and can completely identify with its free,embracing , excited yet calm qualities.... was just wondering whats ur zodiac...... are u a saggi by any chance...... and even if ure not doesnt really matter cos all i know is that a stranger whose never seen u can feel ur spirit alive over the distance.. that is the beauty of being u ..... just stay the way u are... dive deeper, be truer and love deeper .... cos thats what u are made karol

    1. Dear Karol.
      Yes I am a Saggi...
      And yes digger deeper into me ...