From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So what do I do, when , I think of you ...
I smile ..
And wonder if you do too..
I think of all the days gone by..
And all the words we whispered beneath our breath..

Love is such a funny thing..
Because you never really know, what it is going to bring...

Showers of blissful rain..
Blushing rays of the sun..
Cold winter winds that are just perfect for the tightest hugs..
And spring with its fill of flowers abloom..
That makes love the most wanted of all life's boons..

So walk with me my love. into the setting sun..
Hold my hand and laugh with me till the day is done..
Look into my eyes and feel all I do ..

And tell me how your day went ..
If you faced your dragons , that sometimes, only live in your head..
Did you share smiles and moments that bring you joy..
Did you walk away from trouble, if it crept towards thy..
Did you brighten up someones today , like you spread sunshine in mine ..
And when you finished with your day, did you feel happy and at peace in your heart and head..

Did you think of me when you had a bit of time..?
What I did..?
What made me smile..?
Am I walking with a few dragons still, for a bit and a mile..

All I want to say is that I'm happiest when I'm with you ..
You make my day, complete, even before I open my eyes..
You fill my being with so much joy, that I'm sure its an over-spill from another life-time..
You fill my heart with love that is so deep ..
That all I want to do is hold you tight ..
And listen to you breathe...
Nestle in the crook of your neck ..
And tell you all that's in my heart and in my head..
You make me feel safe..
You make me feel reckless, like never before...
You make me feel beautiful , like I have never felt..
And as alive as fireflies on a moonless night..
As peaceful as the brook that runs calmly ahead..

So is it too much to do , if all I want to do, is spend time with you...
You live in my heart, that I know for sure..
So stay for a bit and more..
And we will have more than all the colours of the rainbow..
More fun than all you have done..
More laughter than it is possible to..
More than all you can imagine..
Is all that I want with you....

And if I lose you down the road..
I will let you find your way..
To happiness and peace..
Where ever that may be..

I will always wish you well..
And hope that no matter where you will dwell..
You will always be surrounded by light ...
and love will stay with you with all her might ..

I know that in life I may not be perfect or the best ..
But I know when I love..
It will always be the deepest...

With this now I go to sleep ..
Knowing fully well..
That no matter what I say or do ..

I will always love you..



  1. Too good.
    Are you German?

    1. Thank you ..
      And I'm 100% Indian ...

    2. Is this Poem for ur Guy.
      If yes Lucky guy. I wish you both happiness.

  2. can i join u 4 a walk?....:) n i will too always love matter u say or do...:) its really amazing n awesome to read...loved it but to b frank...i specially loveeeeeeeeedddddd ur snap....:) love u always mah angel....:)

  3. super like... Felt like its d voice n thoughts in my head tht alwaz wanted to xpress lik tis bt nvr found d appropriate words....

    1. Well..
      Thank you ...
      You have have my words...

  4. Hi Maria, Its beautiful reading your poems and writings always. You have inspired me to create my own space in this virtual world. Hope you dont mind my asking, but am really curious to know if Arshad gets to read these beautiful poems. It is so touching....God bless you both...Love Jane

    1. Dear Jane,
      there are gigabytes waiting to be filled..
      So all the very best ..
      And thank you ...

  5. Sada sukhi raho!!


  6. really curious to know if Arshad gets to read these beautiful poems. It is so touching.