From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


On a day like today..
When the sky is so overcast
Laden with rain ..
In shades of grey ..

I look up and finally see..
A hue ..
That I never acknowledged...
Because it never ever figured in my palette...
Whenever I painted the sky so vividly....
In my shade of blue...

But life is really not black and white...
Though I always thought so ...

Night or Day
Rain or shine...
Hot or cold...
That's not how it is ...
And I now , see the truth...

There is an in-between.
A twilight zone ...
That I think we all sometimes ignore ..

The grey..

It's not such a boring colour to me anymore ..
Because I realised that it has opened possibilities, like never before ..

Have you ever really looked at a grey sky..
It has hues of a pink , in the palest of pale...
That could easily be ignored , if you were looking through a veil..
Looking is not "seeing" ..
And that's where the secret lies..

And so I missed this shade of grey...
I think...
Because I ignored it ...
If it was not a sunny day ..

But now, while I stare into the myriad sky...
That lay vast over me. in all it's glory ..

I was transfixed with all it said to me ..
It was a heart to heart like never before..
A gentle breeze started to blow ..
At first just carrying little leaves doing a dervish dance ..
And then as if on cue..
The skies opened and there was a flash of reality ..
That I was forced to see....
And then it thundered like never before ..
And told me things ...
I already knew , but probably did not want to hear ..
I looked up into this sky so grey..
With eyes all moist with falling rain ..
That now beat down upon my face..
And just pulled me into its whirl wind embrace ..
I stood still ..
I did not move ..
I needed to hear all ..
With all the truth within..

Is this how grey feels ...
Is this the truth..
Is this why it stay's behind the blue ...
And only visits, when it's needed to...
Carrying with it , clouds laden with reality..

I look at the grey sky..
And just bowed my head ..
And let it pour over me..
And wash my soul , with all it's sensitive depth..

It's beautiful this grey..with hues of pink ..
It washes away all ...
It cleanses ..
It shows you , everything , like it is ..

No pretty shadows..
No half-truths..
No laced words..
Or golden skies..
Just me and my mirror in the sky ..

Sometimes ...
Inspite  of reality ..
We see what we want to see..
We weave a reality , that was not even a dream ..
We make heroes of men ..
We have not even seen ..

Unlearning all I thought was true..
Learning never to assume ..
Never to judge.. till you walk a while ..
Never to label..that's for jars, not man-kind..
To look much beyond someone's smile ..
That sometimes it better to leave things unsaid..
And sometimes , just wait and see if anyone comes to meet you instead ...

Grey .. It's beautiful ..
It's actually has that silver tinge ..
My lining to any cloud..
That decides to rain all around ..

It brings with it, life giving miraculous drops to quench us all...
To cleanse us of everything and make us strong ...
To wash our hearts if tears there have begun to belong...
To reach out and drench our souls with love...
To send you blessings from above...
To fill the earth with grass so green..
With flowers we have never seen..
Bring creatures both great and small...
And spread smiles to one and all...

So you see..
Now when I look up and see the sky ...
All strewn in shades of Grey...

I smile my heart out..
Because I know it's going to be a beautiful day ....


  1. Beautiful!!!! im proud of you for this poem that you have penned my dear :"/ and feeling all teary. Now feed me pasta mashed potatoes and garlic bread Miz Mariah!!!!

    1. Dear Mz.j,
      Think at the end of it ...
      I cried too..
      Food for you always and anytime ...

  2. ������������❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Dear Sandy,
      Heart full of love back to you ..

  3. Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

    Big hug cominggggggggggggg up. There is also the grey in winter, but we shall visit that another day. Cause today is sunny and shining in this part of the world and i am going to enjoy my day of sunshine with the crazies at 75 rockwood. They r sleeping right now dreaming of Nanny Mcphee cause that's what we saw last night. BTW the pancakes were supposed to be blue yesterday but i did not have that food colour so crushed blueberries and put them in the batter. Kids went grossssss looking at the batter and when the pancakes were done they were gobbled up. Also was watching teri meri kahani with the kids and it was hilarious cause i had to stop evry ten minutes and translate everything to them cause they know no hindi only what they see in movies. Kabir was tickled that shahid got to flirt so much though he was trying his best not to show it. when prodded about which priyanks he liked the best, he surprised us by saying the movie star.

    1. Dear Sneha,
      Enjoy the sunshine and thank you always for sharing your life with me ...

  4. so beautiful...:)

    1. Dear Disha ,
      Thank you soooo much ...

  5. dats so true maria nd also very beautiful :)

    1. Dear Antara,
      Thank you very very much .....

  6. Hmmmm I wonder if you sent huggs n kissess to your muse , who by the way should be a hero ....)) lovely maria .... Love all the way ....

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Yup ....all they way ...

  7. Just love this Maria��....such beautiful thoughts have made my eyes moist & the day with the unbearable Delhi heat soothing & lovely...����keep on pouring your loveliness ....������

    1. Dear Priya,
      That is so sweet of you ..
      Thank you so much ...

  8. Maria....u make even shades of grey look colorful!

    1. Dear Manisha ,
      Awww that's so sweet ....

  9. life is not black and white..there are lots of grey areas..these grey areas are our fundamental darkness area and a lot of courange and wisdom is req to accept this reality...once we accept it..we get the courage to take action towards it and turn this poison into medicine.....just as they say winter always turns to spring:)

    1. Dear Aashi ,
      So well put ...
      Have a lovely day ...