From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Friday, June 15, 2012


My heart is filled with wild flowers and a love so deep ..
In which my words I keep ..
Will scream them from mountain tops pretty soon..
Unabashedly ..

Like a volcano pouring out with molten gold ..
Unable to withhold ..

I feel sometimes like a fountain of early morning dew ..
Cool,fresh,sparkling,beautiful and perfectly in tune ..
With nature and all of life's simple things ..
Like you ,me and the smiles we bring ..
To our hearts and to our lips ..

If this is not loving......
Then, what is this ..

I'm running ..
For miles....

Through fields..
Filled with wild flowers..
And along a brook...
Watching fish swim ..
As sun rays penetrate my soul..
And melt me into the universe !

And every time I stop to catch my breath ..
You are with me ..
In little and beautiful things..
Sunshine, moon lite, rain and cold howling wind ..
I need nothing more ..

I whisper your name ..

And the sun just shines in my heart again ..
The rain dances at my feet ..
And the naughty wind tousles my hair ..

And the moon,it just sings to me everywhere..

Big brown eyes and running feet ..

My hair running wild and free..
Through a field of flowers I go ..
And sit down by my beautiful shore..
Music wafts through the air ..
And there is an aroma of berries everywhere ..
Green grass, butterflies and blue birds of spring ..
I just sit with my favourite things ..

I kiss the beautiful flowers you bring, 
And my lips burst with life....
Like shiny dew on a moon-kissed night...

You smile into my eyes, intoxicating like deep red wine.....
And everything is left behind ..
Any kind of sorrow ,hurt or pain .
Is all wiped clean ..
By the droplets of the summer rain ..

That surrounds us with immense love..
Caresses my skin and unleashes a spark of fire within...

Puddles of our footsteps every where ..
Shivering ,laughing in the summer rain ..
But I just know that within your warm hold..
And under your beautiful gaze ..
I'm loved and all is bliss ..

And so ,I lie down under the blanket of the sky..
Now sparkling with winking stars...
And listen to the music of our heart beats...
Completely in sink with the strumming of life...

And so with this ..
I'm going to sleep ..

Besos persistentes y abrazos apretados..

And laughter too...

With mountain ranges of love,

From me to you.....


  1. Words for words
    Are never enough
    If carefully weighed
    So it should suffice
    That words read
    That seem our own
    Are the best

    1. Dear Rajesh,
      Thats a mighty compliment...thank you ...

  2. mariaaaaaaaaaa dats just so amazing dear ... it so gud u shud definitely write a book .. every time u write its fabulous :) <3 xoxo

    1. Dear Antara,
      You are too kind...
      Thank you ...

  3. mari maria (not the marie biscuit but the gujju mari),

    Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hain ki................................tu aisi kab se hain reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. from one gypsy to another a big hug as i say from the bottom of pali hill to the top of the hill near gulzar saab 's house. from borivli to churchgate. let thethoughts flow and let the words drop into the beautiful ocean like the playful dolphins. ciao.
    BTW, look at the ocean and the sunset for me. I will have to wait until i go and visit the jersey shore to see the ocean.

    1. Dear Sneha,
      Thanks a ton...
      It is now raining here..
      So it's utterly lovely ....
      Enjoy your week ....