From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Friday, June 29, 2012


As I whispered into the rain ..
And danced upon the moist earth ..
My soul was quenched with much more than ..
What most feel as just a thirst ..
When it rains it pours..
And as I ran through the cold and the rain lashing against my face ..
It cleansed me of all my thoughts ..

The sky opened ..
The clouds welcomed me into their fold ...
One with the thunder and lightening ..
And elements that just bowed in repose ..

What was this ..
Is this a dream..
Or am I really sitting among the clouds like a queen ..

And then a cherub came and kissed me on my lips ..
The sweetest ever ..
And held my face in his little hands and peered into my eyes ..
And said , " Never ever worry , we are always on your side,
Come hail or snow storms..
Your heart will always be warm ..
You have been blessed with a heart ..
That you can  share, with all whom you love  ..
And if they have no clue ..
What to do with you ..
Just keep giving ..
Because ,that is all ,coming back to you "

I sat and sighed..
And pulled a little star aside .,
Sat in the crook of his beautiful sheen ..
And smiled like no one has ever seen ..
I looked at the moon..
Beckoning me ..

And realised once again that all the most beautiful things in life are free..

The most beautiful and powerful of all, "LOVE"..
Is what we all have inside of us
And every time our heart smiles..
Our soul beams ,with a light that explodes  out of every pore..
And races to the ones we hold so dear..
And washes all over them like summer rain ..
Glistening , warm and cooling all the same..

It feels so good to just be able to love ..
To let it soar over the skies above,
To touch each star and shoot , over the plains..
To breathe in deep and just say your name...
To reach out from my heart and touch deep inside your soul ..
To walk through your dreams..
And to dance holding you close ..

Can you feel it..
If not just close your eyes..
That's all we really have to do ..
To be in paradise..
Two steps forward ..
Don't turn back ..
Love is meant to give fully ,without holding back ..

It's the fuel of life ..
Much more than air ..
Because we may breathe everyday..
But if we have no love ..
We are only half there ..

I don't know about you ..
I can only speak for myself..
I have a heart full of love ..
That's as delicate and as powerful as can be...

I have started a little fire..
Deep inside my soul..
That's fuelled with the essence of me....

That is going to burn ..
Till I'm done with this earth ..
And am again walking with creation all alone..

My heart will be joyous knowing fully well..
That I walked this earth..
And not just lived ..
But loved with all my heart, like a bottomless well..
Regardless ...

So I'm happy to join the army of the brave ..
Fearless and Loved ....

So if you are still wondering what to do ..
With all the love surrounding you ..
Reach out ...
Smile ..
And your heart will explode ..
With unbelievable happiness..

Because you know.....

Love is meant to be shared, expressed and experienced....
And not kept under a paddle lock, like pirates gold.....


  1. Superb Maria, I love everything you write and it's all so effortlessly written, since it's straight from the heart!:)
    p.s-the ending lines- "Love is meant to be shared, expressed and experienced....
    And not kept under a paddle lock, like pirates gold..." Made my day! La La La

    1. Dear Martina,
      Thanks a ton ...
      You made my day too by just visiting me here ...

  2. beautiful...expression of love maria.

  3. Touched my soul <3 The best things in life are free indeed- love, family, friends, hugs, kisses, laughter, memories..I have a heart full of love too..and it is what makes life so beautiful...irrespective of ups and downs...

    I miss the rain soooo much here in Dubai...makes me wanna go back to Scotland...that 1 year I was away studying I enjoyed rain and the beautiful weather every single day..

    Keep writing...u bring a smile to so many faces by doing so :) lots of love!

    1. And you just bought a smile to mine...

  4. hello poem writing mess making maria,

    after all the mango mess you dive right into a poetic fest. Both a treat. And if they have no clue, what do you do?I loved that part. Also it's the fuel of life part. wonderfully written. On our way to Wonderland (a theme park) yest my kids wanted to discuss heaven and hell and karma. so after all the discussion, the kids thought that if karma turns them into a fish in the next life, they would rather be the sucker fish then the shark. the sucker fish is the little fish which goes inside a shark mouth and feeds off the guck on the shark's teeth. brushes it's teeth and gets lunch or dinner in return. Go figure. Have a fab weekend.
    BTW: The nuts base is made of brazilian nuts, pecans, almonds walnuts and a little bit of cashews. if you have any other nuts you can also add those and blender them into a coarse consistency. To bind it to make a base you could add either a little coconut oil or add dates to the nuts in the blender. The other alternative to the cream came to me. Hung curd is a good option and if you can find greek yogurt. and ofcourse the alphonso mango. the king. This reminds me, i have to go to the indian grocery store and pick up all the boxes they have. the way i go gaga over the mangoes and promise to get it for the girls at the gym. like zen says, i should sometimes zip it up.

  5. Dear Sneha,
    Thanks a ton ...that sounds wonderful...
    And how's the Zumba ...