From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Friday, June 8, 2012


And so life goes on..
Whether or not you sing a song..
Whether you walk , crawl or skip along...
Whether you are strong or weak..
What really does matter are the ones you keep...
In your heart and soul..
They are the lights that guide you home..
To peace, happiness and love...

Love.... you meet "Him" on the ride ..
And you must stop , smile , laugh, dance and hug with all your might...
Because in my opinion..
(And you may discard it if you please..)
He is the only one that makes complete sense in this chaotic world of ego's and smile snatchers..
He is the one that will keep you warm , even when he is far gone..
He may make you cry with all your might..
But can make you ecstatic with joy, like champagne and kisses in the moon lite...

And so be not afraid when you see him smile..
Or walk away , with a "what if" in your eyes..
Just because he may or may not stay..
Take a chance..
Take a leap of faith..
You may just have nothing to say to one another..
Walk on..
It's really fine to smile at love all the time..

Love has to tour the world..
Its what makes the world go round..
Don't we all say ..

So walk with love for as far as you can go...
In fact make that walk really slow..
Hold hands..
Savour each word..
Kiss as much as you can..
Hold each other with just a smile...
Sometimes talk with just your eyes
Go ahead and even fight..
Then make up, before you go to bed at night..

It is all this, that will make you laugh and smile ..
Into the still of "LIFE" ..

We are blessed if we can feel deep love..
Its sometimes as beautiful as a field filled with flowers..
Sometimes as calm as a smile on a babies face..
Sometimes as playful as a kitten with a ball of wool..
Sometimes as shy as a first kiss in Spring..
And sometimes as volatile as the frenzied breeze on a mountain top..
Sometimes deeper than the bluest ocean..
Sometimes as passionate as the "Flamenco".
As romantic as rowing through Venice..
As wild as climbing up Kilimanjaro..
As crazy as bungee jumping..
As exciting as deep sea diving..
As colourful and mystical as the rainbow..
So how can you ever walk through life,
without really living it through love..
Its like taking a holiday around the world in your own private jet plane..
Now isn't that nice..

Love is for the brave..
I say..

Can you love with abandon..?
With all you have in you...?
Till your pulse beats wilder than a lioness in the Savannah..
And your hair is wilder than the wind that blows through..
Till your eyes glisten like dew drops on wild flowers..
And your lips are not shy ..
Of confessing what's true..
You just have to be willing to take that chance ,on ''YOU" ..!!!!!!!

Well if you can love like this..
Then ..


  1. Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. This one i am printing copies and sharing. Fantafabulisticawesome. it rhymes, it makes such poetic sense. Love love love it. Ye wala blog ekdum dil se. Bole to ekdum dhasoooooooo. NOw time to update u, My gym does a fund raiser for the Princess Margaret Hospital for Breast Cancer and for their wig salon. We had a faishon show yesterday. Such fun being a mofel and all that hair and makeup done jazz. Zen chose the dress for me and it was an awesome night. Today is a two hour zumbathon happening at yonge and dundas square. i don't know if you remember form last year. We r raising money for Sick kids hospital. SO it's dance time. Have fun at IIFA weekend.

    1. Ha ha ha ...
      oh my god Sneha...
      Thank you ...
      Gosh and how much do you run around...
      Im going to hit the gym really soon ...
      Hope you had a fun day..

  2. Hi ... How r doin ... U r so blessed ... I love d way u write ....pls pls pls write a book .... D best to do when stressed .... Thx neways for this lovely blog ... It's relaxin to read .... And thn to get a good nite sleep ...

    1. Dear Erica,
      You mean write a book when stressed..can't do that...
      Cant read either...
      Hope you slept well...

  3. I read..n re-read and fell in love with this write starts on a casual note but d end part is a bang on!..soo deep and full of passion and now i knw y love is not finding a way t me..for i gotta take dat chance on me and try t "love with abandon" n cherish my stills in life "moments"...ur write ups give such a high! they r getting better n better like blue deeper than u maria

    1. Dear Aashi,
      Blue deeper than indigo....
      Is very intense...
      You stay happy and blessed..
      And take a chance on "you"

  4. Beautiful! <3 Once again I'd like to tell you- You express so well. Love reading your blog..can relate to so many things..makes me smile..thank you for that!

    1. Dear Ifrah,
      Thank you for reading ....

  5. It's amazing how you can make just everyone smile, by simply speaking straight from your heart!! :) Thank you Maria!!

  6. Dear Martina,
    Thank God ..I made you smile..
    Would not like it any other way..

  7. No no ... Am askin u to write a book ... That wud help destress people ...coz u write so well

  8. “Love is a serious mental disease.” Plato

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      So that's the reason of my craziness ....

  9. hey maria its a very beautiful article <3 <3 <3 .... just wanted to apologize 4 d GNH thing i dint mean it in dat way .... once again dats really amazing :)

  10. Two words - 'heart throbbing'
    Maria, congratulations on such a beautiful write-up. This is what I'd call a perfect blend of emotions. Anybody who doesn't believe in love or has lost hope in the concept would definitely be game for that one chance when love will knock their door! (after reading this blog).
    Amazingly executed :):):)

    1. Dear Nidhima,
      Two words, Thaaaaaaaank-yoooou....

  11. Love the way u think Maria! Way to go girl xoxo

  12. abandon
    mountain spring
    dewdrop sunrise
    rainy day
    blazing sunset

  13. Really heart whelming maria ...loved it and seems as if someone is telling your own story as u did ..hats off for writing such a beauty in such simple words ....loved it twice and thrice god bless

  14. Hi Maria,
    It's beautiful! Your words reflect your inner beauty.
    I too write poems, here is the link:

    1. Dear Smriti,
      thats so sweet thank you...
      Will read your stuff , when I can....

  15. Dear Maria
    Such a beautiful poem , I read it every time I visit your blog which I am truly addicted to I must admit...Love your writing,its soulful and it touches my heart. Still have to try one of your recipes though ;-)
    Hope to see a book of your poems and childrens stories published very soon.
    Nice to have met you Maria, even thoug its only in cyberspace :-)

    1. Dear Rukhsana,
      wow...Thank you...
      Well I'm just going to keep writing ....