From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, March 17, 2012


As I sit in my bed amidst little hands and feet ..
I turn to my phone that just beeped ...
Battery down ...
Down but not out ...

I pick it up ...
Flick through photos I have collected of many a times..
Places, people,food,flowers and more..
Meadows, blue skies and a lake shore ..
I have such beautiful warm memories of yore ...
I watch videos ..
I laugh ..
And I go through pictures of moments that will last ..
A life time and more..
I then find faces that are not with me no more ...
I look and I stare..
And I wonder how they just vanished into thin air ..
But guess..
That's what happens in time ..
To relationships where the rope that keeps the boat afloat has been pulled too fine ..
And now...
There is just a picture that lives on my phone...
But in my heart ..
It sometimes is, just something that connected with my soul ...
So now as I lay down to sleep..
Among little fingers and tiny feet ..
I send a prayer up above ..
And know he will always keep safe all whom I love ..
Just like he mends broken hearts in time ..
And has always smiled at me , when all was not fine ..
He will always look after my smile ..
Even if it has walked away for , much more that a mile ..
To find the soul , whose photograph lives on my phone ..
And to say ..
It's OK , you don't have to be , to me,
Who you don't want to be ...
But I know, in this world , if something is meant to be , nothing really ends ..
We live in a circle ..
And will see each other passing by again ..
And I will smile at you again ..
And take life as it comes ..

Because that's what I learnt ..
You have to let go ..
Rather than hold ..
And if someone misses you and loves you ..
They will find a way back ..

As for me...
When I love ..
I give to much ..
I give all ..
I'm not able to hold back at all...
And I'm happy being me...Finally comfortable in my skin and short hair..
That I swish around like I have no cares...

It's now the end of the day ..
So good night ..
My sleepy heart now needs to rest ..
So that she can wake up in the morning and smile and tumble with the little hands ,little feet and the most precious smiles ..
Next to me in my bed ..

Stay happy...
Stay loved...
And know , we have just this time...
So live and love with abandon ..and always remember...
No matter who we are and where we live...
We do wake up to a beautiful new dawn...


  1. O Maria, O Maria (Very Cheesy i know.Could not resist though sing it in your mind if u know the song)

    So true. Satya vachan Satya Vachan. Family is who accepts you as u are and have no intentions of changing you. When you are sad they get sad with you and if u r mad they are also mad (reasoning be damned)glad to share a meal a good bottle of wine and also your rantings and ramblings. What would we do without such a family????? SO what does that make u maria.You read my short stories to you everyday and respond. you make my day bright by posting your thoughts from a far.... that makes u a great friend to have in this virtual world. Ciao bella. have a great weekend.

  2. Hello Maria,

    I love this post... in particular, for it speaks of hope, that's one of the best things we can offer to anyone and not many people are able to achieve that.

    Keep writing and sharing your wonderful thoughts with us. You are a good and true soul... Stay happy, stay blessed!!!

  3. Dear Sneha,
    Happy to know your kids are back in school , now you can have some "me-time"...
    Yup we are virtual friends...

    Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you so much for all your kind words...

  4. love it Maria!
    Your poetry is as delicious as your food:)
    Thanks for giving us this yummy food for thought!

    Keep writing, keep cooking and keep smiling!

    Raman, Toronto

  5. Hey Maria!
    Have started reading your blogs lately! You r so lovely and full of positive energy! Looking fwd!


  6. Dear Priyanka,
    Thanks a ton ...
    See you here soon again ...

  7. Hi Maria,

    There are many people in this whole world whom u haven`t met personally but still they play important roll in your life.. your just one of them for me.. i remember whenever i get upset with my life , i read your blog and that gives me so positive energy towards life. and now life looks so beautiful to me after reading your blogs and i so want to thank you for being in my life indirectly through blogs.

    just wanna give you warm hug and say thank you again .. keep writing ..

    Kajal Patel

  8. Dear Kajal,
    You just made me so so so happy...
    Thank you soooo much .....