From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today is my "what if "day
Just wanna run and hide , because no answers inside, never felt so confused or out of tune ..
Feel a bit tone deaf with all the music in my head
Wanna calm my mind and relax ..
And it's not the coffee I know that...
It's my heart that I'm not able to stop from running a mile ..
I don't know how or why
But I really need to stop a while ..
And scan my head ..
But frankly think it's my heart
It's busy drawing circles in the sand ..
And makes me fly to unknown lands,,
Makes me soar above the clouds..
And then makes me free fall ...
That I don't know if I'm feeling fear or surrendering to life's open door..
And letting me meander through twists and trails ..
Where there are no footsteps ..
No one has walked here for a while ..
But I can see in the distance ..
Eyes so kind and arms open wide ..
But .. I'm gonna wait right here ,
And just catch my breath...
Because I wanna just take no more steps..
Don't wanna run in any direction ,any more ,
Done that too many times before so today I'm gonna watch the clouds go by and see if anything changes with the sands of time ...


  1. Beautiful words...Is it a poem, is it a song...Or are these words the words most women have in their hearts...Words that you have bautifully mixed together...

    Keep up the amazing blog posts..I expect more from you and want more from you.


  2. Dear Mayali,
    These are just random thoughts together, my meanderings....