From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So I'm sitting with my Christmas tree all alone ..
With little fairy lights twinkling at me but seeming a little forlorn ..
My babies and Taz have gone to sleep ..
Dreaming and snoring and all snuggled in bed ..
I look at my tree..
It tells a tale..
of stories I had forgotten ..
And ornaments older than my babies and all the puppies I have run with through fields and shores..
This tree of mine has seen a lot..
Puppies stealing stuff..
Children scrambling for their gifts..

And he looks at me and feel like he is waving his laden arms ..
Saying to me ..
"Come closer ..
Come closer ..
Know you need not a smile but a tight hug instead "..
I feel all warm ..
I feel oh soooo nice ..
I look him, all laden with such pretty ornaments ..
That's my old Mr.Christmas tree , looking all spiffy and nice ..
I pull him out every year before my birthday ..
And tug and pull him out of his hibernation ..
He yawns and greets me with a sleepy hello..
And then I entice him with music and pretty ornaments , I have collected from all the new places I have met ..
He looks at me and says, "Maria .. You did it again .. You never fail to surprise me with all that you bribing me with ...
But when I look into your eyes.. I know you mean well "
I clap my hands with glee ..
And brush his leaves till he is all shiny and new ..
And my hands are coarse and blue ..

This year I had great company..
Mr.Christmas Tree, Michael Buble and me ..
We sang and hummed and went mad with all that Jazz..
And at the end of about 4 hours..
I was happy and glad..
Mr.Chris looked lovely ,all adorned ..
In red, blue, green , yellow , silver and gold ..
The fairy lights just lit up with his charm ..
And the angels , hummed a lovely song..
They have come from all over the world, just for me..
I love Angels and butterflies and shiny hearts that do not get broken...
But my favorite Angels are from Africa..
They are tiny and made with beads ....
I bought them from little children with curly hair and big black eyes, and smiles that lit up for miles and miles....
I love Christmas and all the promises it brings ..
Love, peace and happiness..
Laughter and craziness too..
It's this month of December ,
It does strange things...
To you..
I'm sure you would all agree..
It has a lot to do with a certain Mr.Christmas Tree..
I know I should go to sleep ..
But he thinks I should stay and play him one last song ..
"Oh no Mr. no , not at all"
He looks at me with that warm comfy gaze..
And says ," I know you want to listen to your favorite song before you go to bed"..
I look at my IPad and my fingers just know what to do...
And before we both can say anything ..
Buble in his honey voice is serenading me ..
I melt, I twirl, I dance with my eyes closed, all alone ..
Mystical, magical, memories and words..
The sky is filled with stars and all the flowers on my terrace nod along with me.. With their sleep heads..
I'm their mistress and they know I love them so ..
So they indulge me with their company and bob in the starry warm glow..
And slowly the song ends..
I'm sitting again..
Just my Mr.Christmas Tree and me ..
"What are you thinking " he asks..
I just smile..
I don't say a word..
I bid him good night ..
I bid him adieu..
And twirl around smiling , I softly sing, "but baby all I want for Christmas is you "..


  1. Yaaayyy christmas season :) Love it Enjoyyy Maria. Btw I have had twin girls recently Navya n Shyna and this is their first christmas I want to do so$ething special for them any ideas Love Juls

  2. Dear Juls,'s Christmas round the corner...
    you are sooo lucky, i have always wanted twins...
    they are too small to really remember anything..
    but do little imprints of their hands and feet and make ornaments and put it on your tree...that is a lovely memory..
    what do you think ...
    Merry Merry Christmas...