From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dew drops...

Always knew right from the start ..
That this may probably break my heart..
Knew you would one day walk away without a good bye and leave me standing by the door wondering why ...
So then it's true ..
There was never much love in your heart ,that I thought was so true...
I could see you walking away ..
Much before you really did..
Is it what I said ..
Because I don't really remember you know ..
I have searched the chambers in my heart and soul ..
And looked high and low ..
But could not find our conversation no more ..
Looked at the sea and had conversations alone with me ...
There is not a moment that passes through the day that I don't remember ...
The crazy laughing, giggling, stupid conversations , plans to traverse over valley and hill, the music , and silence across the ocean ..
Somewhere in the sky..
A shooting star just sped away..
And broke into a million shiny pieces..
Just like my heart ..
But know that the joy it felt ,before it broke ,is something that no one can replace ...
So armed with my favorite big broad smile ..
I'm ready to walk this day ...
I feel like my life is like that of a butterfly and so want to smile at the garden that I was born in ..
And then fly off to meet places I can only dream off..
I sit by this lake ..
And look at the girl looking back at me ..
Shiny glistening eyes.. Tousled hair ...
And as the dew drops from my eyes fall into the beautiful water..
Tiny ripples stir the calm ..
I have become one with nature..
And will forever be part of the soil..
And every time the wind blows and the water languidly meets the green grass of the land ...
My name will be whispered by the trees and will remind you of me ..
Just like my smile reminds me of you ..
Because somethings were meant to be ...
Why I don't know ..
Just feel so ...
Some souls were meant to meet ..
And brighten each other lives if even for just a moment in time ..
And so with this I listen to the music playing in my head...
And smile ...
Because this passage of time ,was ,and is only mine ...


  1. Very touchy!!
    Especially these lines:
    "A shooting star just sped away..
    And broke into a million shiny pieces..
    Just like my heart "

  2. Dear Jovy,
    Thank you so much ..
    You always are very kind ...

  3. I read every tweet and blog u write. You inspire me to be happy , love more, laugh more.. Your choice of words sometimes hits below the belt because its the truth! Unfortunately I can't comment for ur blog from dubai as it blocks comments ... Since I am currently in bombay - I just had to write and tell , u r really a super woman!

  4. for a girl whose husband and friends gave her the best b'day she could ever have..this seems quite pessimistic..

  5. Hmmmm actually i would not at all say pessimistic.. as a matter of fact individualistic ...considering the family and friends...Awesomely courageous ...!! You rock ....)) thx for writing.. love... reading you....

  6. hello my name is carlos. I am a brazilian poet.

  7. Dear Jomenon,
    It's so wonderful that you took time to come back to my blog on your holiday and write to me..
    it really means a lot ..

    Dear Anonymous,
    Pessimistic is something i'm not..human with ups and downs yes...

    Dear Anonymous,
    I don't know about individualistic or courageous or rocking..
    At the end of the day, in the words of Julia Robert's character from Notting Hill...
    'I'm just a girl asking a boy to love her"....

    Dear Carlos,
    Really nice meeting you ...

  8. So u want a boy to love u, but he doesn't, that is why you r sad? scratching my head real hard, this is not the Maria I thought u would be.

  9. Dear Maria,

    No reply to me ? U wrote a reply to all except me :(((((

  10. Hey Maria,

    Sorry just saw your reply. Thank you so much ... It means a lot. If its ok with you, follow me on twitter and I will be able write to you, reply to your lovely blogs - only if its ok with you. I have got passionate about cooking because of you! Hence my hubby is also very thankful to you ;-)))).

  11. Dear Aaroohi,
    its just and all its ups and downs ..
    Don't think so much ...
    If it touches you , I'm happy... :0)