From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Monday, November 14, 2011

Who am I to tell fate ...

Who am I to tell fate where it's supposed to go ...
That's why I no longer want to know what the future holds..
There was a time in life..
Where all I wanted to know ,was, will the next day bring enough sunshine to brighten my day ?
Would it rain on my parade ?
Or will it snow as I was walking out of the door ?
Inquisitive to the core..
But of what use is knowing , when only the power above knows the whole story ..
I'm convinced that our universe is ruled by a feminine force ..
Because everything changes when you least expect it too ..
And frankly it's a woman's privilege to Change her mind ...
And so in this world of ours..
Just when you think you have all the answers ..
Our questions don't make any sense no more ..
So as I sit and watch the rain fall softly to the ground and the cold winter wind blow the rusty leaves around ..
And wonder ..
What will tomorrow bring ...
I feel, I don't care, but I can smell the beautiful scent of Christmas everywhere ..
Windows all aglow with falling snow ..
And reindeers all dressed up in red bows ..
It so beautiful and sometimes feel a twinge in my heart ..
Walking in winterland alone ..
Joy and happiness need to be shared ..
Because it doubles and triples with abundance then , everywhere ..
And then suddenly think of ummmm my happy place ,
and Lightening strikes my heart ..
It makes me feel all warm and happy wakes me up and makes me smile at silly things ..
Like elves in the window and Santas rosy cheeks and my glittery ruby red toes..
Takes me back to a time when life was so simple and just a hand written note to Santa ..
Would get me all I want ..
Thinking of doing just that ..

Write a

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is .......!

Yup that's all I know ..
Maybe my wishes will come true ..
Maybe no one , in this world will be heart-broken or blue ..
The world always looks like it's filled with love during this time ..
I want to walk around with mistle-toe in my hair ..
Just in-case I bump into my smile-bringer...
And have this un-wipeable smile on my face ..
Drink hot chocolate ..
Sit on a bench in a park ..
Close my eyes and feel so much love and peace because of what I hold in my heart ...
That's mine and will always be ..
And yes , let it be told , it does not matter what the future holds ..
One great moment in time is worth a hundred average hours , I say ...

So till we meet again ..
I close my eyes and can feel the warmth of your smile ..
Your laughter, the silly things you say..
Always stay that way..

It does not matter where you are..
To me you will always be just a heart beat away ..

And that's why I don't care ..
What tomorrow brings ..
Because I have you and all the rest of my favorite things ..
Babies, friends and pets and more ..
So think now I should give in to slumber ..
To love and more ..
Siempre ...


  1. hmmm...soulful!! superlike..!!!!! :)


  2. what a happy girl you are maria! your posts exude are so full of joie de vivre. wish i could be like you :)


  3. You are an absolutely amazing women, wife & mother. I really adore all those people whose life is joyful because of your charming presenence.

    You are true an essence of a woman. You inspire me very much.

    Love you, your food creations, and your enchanting way of writing.

    Keep up with the writings!

    Tara Hussain (Sydney)

  4. They say," Choose a career, learn it, become good at it and make a fortune". I say , treat your passion as your fortune and reap happiness....)) you are amazing yummy mummy have a rocking christmas !!

  5. Dearest Anamika,
    Super-thanks ....

    Dearest Rupa,
    There are days when I'm under the mud, but you have to dig yourself up ....

    Dear Tara,
    Something happened , I changed for the happier ...
    Want it to stay forever ..

    Dear Anonymous,
    I love Christmas...and happiness right back ...