From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, November 19, 2011


So what do you say ..
When someone goes away ..
Do you stop them at the door..
Or do you just let them go ..
And hope they return some day ..
Well frankly I'm of the theory ..
That you say what you feel ..
Sometimes I may not be nice , but at least I come clean ..
I say what's in my heart ..
Before the other departs ..
So yes, if I have to apologize or be still I will ..
But I would never let them go , before I have given it my all and more ..
And then if they choose to leave ..
I would have to respect how they feel ..

I take a bit long to make friends ..
Or to love someone and truly connect with them ..
And to the very few that I adore ..
It kills me if I ever see them walk away through that door ..
But then again , if they can so easily let me go..
Or make me feel like it makes no difference at all.
I rather not be there..hanging on a gossamer thread ...
I guess that's how it's meant to be ,
Because I realise that they do not feel as deep as me ..

I have walked too long alone ..
And sometimes feel it's better that way ..
Because the moment you tell someone that they mean something to you ..
It all goes askew...
I wonder why , I really want to know the reason for a sudden change in season ..

And with this ..
I bid Autumn adieu ..
All her beautiful , fiery colours and rusty orange hues ..

I love the cold and all it brings ..
Winters, mistletoes , hot chocolate, carols and buying presents for my loved ones ..
These are my favorite things ..

I may not be perfect , but I'm real ..
I love what I love and that's how it will stay ..

On this cold winter day, as I devour my chocolate cake ..
Listening to carols in the cold ..
All snuggled and happy faced ..

I know , I have just this one life to live ..
Want it to be filled with beautiful moments in time ..
Got no time to play games ..
That's for children , to pass time ..
Me, I wanna make the most of the little time I have ..
And so , if you wanna stay ..
I would walk and laugh for miles ..

But now I'm going to sleep ..
And pray that the one above keeps ,all my love in his arms ...
Safe , protected and till the dawn breaks ..
Will wake up and smile to a brand new day ..
Because I know , that I have arms wrapped around me ,that no one can see ..
And so no matter what happens in life ..
I have angels around me , who will put up a fight , to protect me their child , from all and everyone that may or may not be ,good for me ,or then probably, perfect or not quite right ..
So with this I sleep , peace in my heart and a smile on my lips ..
Happy and content ..
Know I will be guarded , till my eyes open again ..
I'm happy with my day ..
See you tomorrow ..
Blue skies and singing magpies ..
Gonna grab my day and laugh till the sun goes down ..
And wake up at the break of dawn ..
Gotta go for a run , have eaten at Tante Marie ,for my friends, Romans and countrymen ..
So now I have to make it up and be good..
I like being fit and healthy..
But all the chocolate I eat is such a treat that , I lick my fingers and say to myself
"you have one life , live it well, whatever it maybe, have fun and feel happy and free"
From me to you...
God bless and sleep tight ..!!!!

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One fantastic moment is worth a hundred average hours ...


  1. beautifully said maria, :)..such a pick me up..i wish its true ...this beauty of life that you describe so wonderfully ... mystical... tainted but ... free... you really are one of a kind, instilling this hope that the life once desired as a child does exist... may you always be right .. and may this effervescence never fizz out.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    You just made me feel sooo wonderful, can feel that you are a beautiful soul...stay blessed and happy ...