From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, September 17, 2011


This is something I wrote , and two of my friends said that I must share it with all....
I dedicate this to everyone in my life that ..
I have loved, will love and always love…

We all have a little light in our heart..
We may not find it at the start..
But as time goes by...
And we live life in this world..
We keeping walking inwards ..
Towards this light we hold...
We all love to travel and see the world..
The highest peak , the deepest sea..
The warmest beach and the coldest fir tree...
But we all know that this travel is just surface ..
And it's the inside journey that actually makes us who we are...
Find out what exactly makes us tick.
Who we are ?
What we want?
Where do we belong?
Are we walking the path we have been sent to earth for...
Are we blessed enough to find the street that brings us peace...
Well in this life of mine I have been walking for quite some time..
Most of the time I did not really know where..
Through deep dark forests..
And some times deserts bare..
I walked I trod..
Till my feet were tired and my body sore ..
I felt cold and alone..
And even though sometimes I met a lot of people,
They were not my own..
I looked and searched for a path ..
That now I began to think did not exist..
Felt this is something that only happens in books..
Till one day..
I gave up..
I sat near this brook..
Thought I should wash my face and sit a while..
And as I put my hands into the cool water..
I see this face smiling back at me..
She seems tired, she seems broken..
She has a few laugh lines and her hair is all tousled..
She looks lost but not beaten..
Big brown eyes and a friendly smile...
I looked hard ..
I looked deep..
There is a light in her eyes..
That tells me ..
There is still a long journey ahead and she has not yet all the various paths tread..
I look back at her..very closely ..
I see me..
I have changed..
Grown older..
My heart is filled with stories..
That are brimming over..
But it's my eyes I recognize..
They are the windows to my soul ..
And they say to me,"put your favorite pink keds on ..this track is just about to start over...
Where was I ??
Where have I been???
I have been searching for so long,that I forgot to see, that there is this lamp inside me...
I still don't know where to go and what to do..
But this little light is going to do me mighty right..
I found a path , by a lovely lake..
I picked some daisies ...
And just sat and smiled..
Watching the day go by ..till the moon lite shone..
And I realized ..
I have been sitting for hours all alone..
Had a few passers by..
Some waved hi..
Some sat and chatted a while..
Some made me laugh..
And some got tears to my eyes..
But they all left..
You see they were temporary guests...
At the end of the day..
If you can sit on your own and still smile ..
Think that's what makes that light inside you shine..
None of us can live alone .. That's why we have friends and families at home..
Some we hold close..
Some we let go..
Some stay in our hearts forever more..
What's mine deep down in my heart will always be mine..
Come rain or shine..
When I love, I love with all my heart..
Not afraid anymore to open my heart and love some more..
I always know when I'm right or wrong..
So I look for my little light ..
And as long as it's shinning bright..
I know the one above has his arms wrapped around me tight..
So with this thought I sleep ..
Snuggled in my bed..
Not wary of the next day ..
Or what life has in store for me ahead..
Yes .. All will not be perfect..
I don't want it to be..
My life will be turbulent..
And frankly that's what made me...
.who I am..
A girl who can still smile..
And love with all her might..
Who can give the tightest hugs..
And sometimes cry all night..
To say what's in my heart..
Which sometimes I think is not smart..
But hey .. Who says I'm perfect..
I me that's who I am..
And I love that little light inside me..
That is the only part in the world that is truly MINE !!!!

See you guys soon ........


  1. Beautiful, touching, straight out of the heart, like most of your recipes :)

  2. awesome you really make people imagine in thoughts whatever u felt.....its a really big deal thanks for that feeling.....:)

  3. Dear Trishnata,
    Thank you so much

    Dear Arun,
    Thank you for being so nice ...