From my kitchen to yours

From my kitchen to yours

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Contrary to what all you guys believe, i looooove vegetables, the only thing is that , i don't like to eat vegetables that have been completely murdered and over flavoured that you cant taste their own flavour, i love the way the Chinese eat their vegetables , they ever so slightly cooked and retain their flavour and i can have bowls and bowls of well made vegetables...
Actually I'm kinda weird , i love either lightly cooked or raw vegetables or then they need to be crazily fried , like karela stuffed and fried, brinjal baaja, spinach in batter fried, carrot fried (this i love, and will teach you how to make)...
So yup, like my personality , i have no in-between ,no grey , everything to me is black and white and beautiful colours,which may not be the best way to live life, but that's me, i either like someone or don't like them , and if i like you even i little then i will be my warm and happy self and if i don't like you , then i will not waste my time at all, and what i dislike most is pretending, and when i meet people who i know are not very fond of me , but still do the social thing of hugging and kissing me....yuck ...i feel like running home and having a bath....
Oh my God , where have i digressed to , we were talking vegetables, who i really think are like people, they all come in differnt shapes , sizes , colours and flavours , some are great for health and some are not ,some just do nothing, depending on how you cook them and where they came from ...
And some are deceptively poisonous, but look pretty and harmless, like a variety of mushrooms and only a discerning eye would know ....
Today is a Philosophical Vegetable Day...ha ha ha

Potato Salad
1 packet of baby potatoes
1 packet roquette leaves
All purpose seasoning
Small handful of pine-nuts
Handful of crushed walnuts
Handful fresh basil
Few garlic
Olive oil
Rock salt

I boiled the potato and then passed them through ice-cold water and then halved them..
In a non stick , add a little oil and put the garlic in, add the pine-nuts and the walnuts and then the baby potatoes , and stir-fry them all a bit...add the basil right at the end, and as soon as the lovely aroma of basil permeates your senses, shut shop and put the contents of the pan is a bowl ,and let it cool a bit...
To this warm mix , add a dollop of Kraft mayonnaise and add the roquette leaves and rock salt and toss it all together
You get a salad that is cooked and raw with a nice nutty flavour , is not an intensely flavoured but as you bite into every morsel there are different tastes and textures bursting onto your palate....hmmmm

So simple and basic and yet kind of edgy only from "Maria's Kitchen"


  1. It looks really delicious I think I should ask my wife to try to prepare me this ..

  2. why your wife? This is simple recipe try it out yourself :p

  3. Ha ha ha
    well said Daniella

    C'mon Moses ...u can do this

  4. this sounds scrumptious.... cant wait to try it :)))

  5. Hi Maria!

    I completely lovvvvvvvve reading your posts! They're amazing, and cheer me up when work is eating my head up :) I almost come in and check your blog before i check my office mails :P but of course, by then, a new post is not there and i have to wait till lunch time (when i allow myself to take another peek :P) Love your writing, so free, and happy.

    Lots of love and luck :)

  6. THANKS a bunch for the recipes!! :-)

  7. Dear Shalu,
    its too simple ya

    Dear Dipika,
    you really made my day

    Dear Parazaad
    my pleasure absolutely

  8. I have no idea what Roquette leaves are, so I did what most Bald men would do. I Googled it and came up with this:

    Pray where can I find them in Delhi!

  9. Maria, i love your blog. You inspire me to cook.I cooked honey chicken for my parents the other day. they absolutely loved it.Thanks a lot for these amazing recipes.

    @the bald guy- u can find Roquette leaves in INA market,south delhi.

  10. anything potato should be named after me... :o)KICHIEPOO....

  11. hi maria,
    @philosophical part: you are a typical sagittarian, i must say. only they speak like this, blunt, honest, uncomplicated, amazingly sweet. i think sagittarians are the best souls on earth.i read ur blog bcoz of dat, and specially like the xtra part u write before and after the cooking stuff. hehehe.stretch dose part a lil more, if u can. :-)

  12. Sounds delicious and can feel the flavours of each ingredient. Was wondering whether we get Roquette leaves at Hyd...

  13. Ah, ah! You are right! I love "the vegetable philosophy"!!!! I think I'm going to quote it!